Sunday, August 2, 2009

A Disappointing White Pen: Pilot Choose 0.7mm

I had always wanted a white pen, so on my last JetPens order I picked up a Pilot Choose 0.7 mm gel pen in white.

Here are writing samples of the Pilot Choose on several different surfaces: paper that has been coloured with craft acrylic paint, watercolour pencil, a Sharpie marker, and pencil crayon, as well as paper cut from a magazine and card stock.

When writing on all of these surfaces, the white ink seems to be absorbed into the paper, resulting in an ink colour that appears pale grey rather than white. The only way I can get the line to actually look white is to repeatedly trace over the same line. The effect is least noticeable on the smooth, non-porous magazine paper, but it is slow to dry on this paper and so is prone to being smudged. I also found it hard to obtain a smooth, even line on the magazine paper.

The surface that the Pilot Choose seemed to write best on was the craft acrylic paint, but even on this surface the colour of the ink appears light grey rather than white.

Overall, I was disappointed with the performance of this pen, and will continue my search for a good white pen.

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  1. I noticed that a lot with white pens. I finally found one that actually looked white, and was so thrilled!

  2. You should really try the Uni signo broad white pen. It's the tried and true best white pen there is. It's out of stock at the moment but here's the link:

  3. Thanks for the tip, Passion! I'll think I'll give that pen a try.

  4. Came across your site and the one i'm linking to in a quest to find an appropriate pen for my memory book. hope it helps!


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