Thursday, November 12, 2009

Back to the Art Journal, Part 1: The Journal

If you are interested in art journaling and you haven't yet seen Teesha Moore's series of videos on art journaling - including painting, collage, pen work, lettering, as well as making the journal itself - then I urge you to check them out now.  My own journaling practice had deteriorated lately into a sketch here or a few lines jotted down there, but after watching Teesha's videos I was inspired to go back to keeping a regular art journal.

But to begin with, I needed a blank journal.  Teesha's video showed how to make a simple, 16-page, single-signature pamphlet, but I used Gwen Diehn's (very similar) instructions in The Decorated Journal.  The only suitable paper I had on hand was a Heinz Jordan watercolour pad that had come in a package with my watercolour pencils.  The sheets are 10x14 inches; folded in half, this makes pages 7x10 inches.  I used three sheets and didn't worry about a cover (the simpler the better) and sewed them together with some green upholstery thread.  (Maybe not the usual thing for bookbinding but it was all I had on hand - and it worked.)

The journal.  Not much to look at so far.

The result - a 10-page (counting the inside "covers"), 7x10 inch, single-signature pamphlet journal that took just minutes to make.  In the future, I will probably want something that looks more like a book and has a few more pages, but knowing my inconstant journaling habits, this is probably good for a start.

Stay tuned for more of my art journal adventures, as I venture into the weird and wild realms of painting, collage, pen work, and more.

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  1. Thanks for this! I have always been fascinated by journals and journaling but I am notorious for not doing anything about it. I really enjoyed the videos and I hope to try and incorporate journaling into my life more.

  2. Thanks, Rachel. I'm glad that my post may have helped to inspire you to get journaling more.


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