Monday, November 30, 2009

Uni-ball Signo RT 0.38mm Lavender Black

How could I resist a pen with the colour lavender black?  Just as blue black manages to be entirely unlike either blue or black, lavender black is different yet again, but in a subtle way that does not call too much attention to itself, making this pen suitable for use in nearly any situation.  I would describe the colour as a very deep purple, with more blue than red in it.  Probably the colour could have been just as easily called purple black, but lavender black does sound much more interesting.

As for the pen itself, it writes very smoothly, with a beautifully fine line.  It is very satisfying to write with and is one of my current favourite pens.  The grip section is comfortable and (unlike many other pens that I have used) actually manages to cover all parts of my hand that touch the pen.  The overall appearance of the Uni-ball Signo RT is not particularly exciting but I have no complaints about it either.

Because this pen is designated "RT," it is of course retractable, which may be a plus or minus for you.  I personally prefer lidded pens, merely because of the satisfaction I get from removing the lid of a pen and snapping it onto the end, but that is definitely not a major issue here.

In other news, check out this great giveaway at Notebook Stories for a chance to win a Moleskine Color-a-Month 2010 planner and other Moleskine products.

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  1. Oh my goodness I want this pen so badly. It's already on my list for my next JetPens order; what a funny coincidence that you posted about it. I've read a couple of other reviews about it, and most were positive.

  2. I use this and only this pens for more than 2 years - if they will stop producing them I am in a big trouble:) I love this pens, no technical specs is needed here - they are just the best pens for me.


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