Tuesday, December 15, 2009

From the Art Journal: Early in the Morning

I actually finished these pages several days ago but didn't get around to photographing and posting them until now.  (These are the pages that developed from the second painted page spread seen in this post.)

Overall, I am not as satisfied with these pages as I was with the previous ones.  The colours didn't turn out quite as I had planned. I had something more muted and monochromatic in mind, but these pages didn't really want to go that way.  The various elements are not worked into the background or blended together as much as I would have liked.  And then there are the orange circles, which I added near the end and were something that I had great hopes for but wasn't too sure about after I finished.  I still like these pages, but not as much as the first ones.

The words are a few lines from a poem by Ursula K. Le Guin ("The Writer to the Morning in Up the Hill House in Sinshan") from her (excellent) book, Always Coming Home.


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