Sunday, January 10, 2010

From the Art Journal: Winter

I love how these pages turned out; the colours look so chill and icy I almost feel cold when I look at them.  These pages are a bit different from the previous ones as I added the collage items directly to the page without painting a background.  There are also more words on these pages, in this case a prose poem that I wrote describing the view from my window.  I mainly used four pens on these pages: black and white Sakura Gelly Rolls, a light blue mini gel pen, and a metallic silver pen.  I also used a blue paint marker for the word "winter" and a few pencil crayons.

I only have one page spread left in the pamphlet journal, so I'm not sure how many more pages I'll be sharing with you in the future.  I have really enjoyed making these pages, but I haven't yet decided whether I will make another pamphlet or whether I will try something else.  I would use a book with more pages - perhaps a double-pamphlet journal of some sort?  I haven't done much bookbinding so simpler is better.  Suggestions would be welcome.


  1. This might be my favourite of your pages that you've posted. Absolutely beautiful work, Heather!


  2. I think it might be my favourite as well. Thanks, Finn!

  3. I have to agree. I love this page. Very well done!

  4. Beautiful work, Heather. Maybe do a "poem journal" next?

  5. One of my previous art journals was in fact a poetry journal. That certainly is a possibility for my next one.

  6. That is AWESOME. Love the colors and the design- especially the word 'winter'.



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