Saturday, October 2, 2010

My Daily Arsenal

These are the items that I find myself reaching for most often these days:
  1. Quo Vadis Habana notebook, small, black cover, unlined pages - This is my current journal, and I absolutely love it.  If I miss a day or two without writing in my journal, I don't feel quite settled until I have written in it again.  The notebook itself is wonderful: it is plain and simple so that I don't get tired of it, and the smooth, creamy paper is a joy to write on.
  2. Staples Better Binder - If you read my last post, you will know why this is on the list.  This binder contains my planner, as well as all the notes I need for my classes.  It is also an excellent, durable binder (and it's lime green!).
  3. My pencil case - I love this pencil case, and I think it is very close to being perfect.  I especially love how it displays all of my pens for my perusal, and keeps them in order (I like to keep my pens in a particular order).  More thanks to my mother for making this for me!
  4. Staedtler Polo 0.5mm mechanical pencil - I'm not a big pencil user, but I do always have at least one mechanical pencil on hand, although I'm not too fussy about the kind that I use.  I think this one originally was part of a geometry set; I love it's bold black and yellow colours.
  5. A few pens - I have a number of pens in my pencil case, but a subset of these get used more frequently.  The ones that I'm using most these days include the Pentel Slicci, Sharpie Pen (both original and grip versions), Uni-ball Jetstream, and Pilot FriXion.
What's in your daily arsenal?

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