Thursday, October 14, 2010

From the Art Journal: Grid, Typography, Silhouette

Yet another grid.

I haven't shared any art journal pages with you lately, mainly because I haven't been creating many.  When I posted my last page, I mentioned that I was feeling rather dissatisfied with the pages that I was creating.  But apparently I wasn't as dissatisfied as I thought, for not long after completing that art journal I began to want to start another one.  The problem was finding the right notebook....

I wanted a spiral bound notebook this time so that it would lay completely flat and pages could be removed easily to prevent the book from bulging open with the addition of collage.  I also wanted something very cheap, and possibly with brown paper.  Finally, I found what I was looking for at Michaels.  It was called a "Papier Mache Journal", had brown paper, and was spiral bound.  It was a bit smaller than I wanted and the spiral binding was inferior (when open, the front and back covers don't align properly, for example), but it would do.

I work very slowly, so I only have three complete page spreads since I began this journal at the beginning of September.  The first page spread (shown above) is yet another grid.  I have a thing about grids lately, and I don't know why - I just love creating them.  Speaking of grids, iHanna had a great art journal page of grids and lines on her blog lately; I love the look of order and disorder, although her colours are very different from the ones I would choose.

A mess of words.

The second page spread was especially fun and easy to do.  I felt like I was back in elementary school cutting out words and gluing them on the page.  Some of the quirky combinations of words on the page amuse me: "changing world" next to "nothing changes", and "lust" next to "surrender", for example.  The pages still have a few holes in them (I was running out of magazines to look through), so there's still room for a few more words.

Odds and ends: silhouette, collage, Celtic knotwork, and more.

Finally, this last page spread is rather eclectic collection of elements: a messy painted background, collage, doodles, a silhouette, and Celtic knotwork.  I'm not sure if I entirely like this page yet; perhaps it is not quite finished.  Maybe I should add some lettering, or more paint?  Or just leave it as it is?

I have at least three more page spreads that are currently in progress, although it will probably take another month or more before I finish them.

Do you keep an art journal?  If so, what kind of pages do you create in it?


  1. Heather, thanks for the mention! Your grid is beautiful, and so is the "headline spread"! I want a brown paper book too, maybe I will bind mone myself one day. :-)

    Take care!

  2. And thanks to you too, iHanna! I'm glad that you liked my journal pages, and that you stopped by to visit.

  3. I loved seeing your pages. I keep a journal that of late is morphing into more than words on paper. (after all, I blog, too, and there's just so many words that can be eeked out in one's free time after work!)
    Anyway, you've inspired me. I'm about to go do something with stuff I've torn from magazines. I love filing pages and enjoy this slight turn I've taken to including art. Nothing to show or share at this juncture, but coming soon!

    And thanks for the tip on the paper mache journal at Michaels. It looks like something I'd love - ok, I'm kind of a nut about paper, overall.

  4. Thanks so much to you too, westcobich, and good luck with your own art journal. It seems like once one starts keeping a journal, all of the words that one wants to get down just keep growing. I started with one journal and now have 3 main journals, several notebooks, and 2 blogs!

    The Michaels journal is not ideal, mainly because of the cheap spiral binding, so I wouldn't recommend it if you can find something better, but I still really enjoying working on the brown paper. I've experimented with several different formats for art journals and have yet to find one that is perfect.

  5. Thanks for sharing your journal. I like the playful way you design your pages. Very free-spirited.

  6. Thanks, Michelle! Creating art journal pages is like play for me, so it's not surprising that the mood comes through in these pages. :)

  7. Love the idea of the typography spread -- I want to try that now!

    1. Thanks, Randall! It was fun to create so I hope you do give it a try!


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