Friday, December 24, 2010

Pilot FriXion Point 04 Blue

When I wrote my review of the Pilot FriXion Ball, I mentioned that I was looking forward to trying its finer-tipped cousin, the Pilot FriXion Point.  I was very happy when I came across the FriXion Point in a local stationery store and couldn't wait to try it out.

I was not disappointed.  In fact, every time I try a version of the Pilot FriXion, I find myself liking this line of pens more.  I was a bit doubtful in my initial review of the Color-Pencil-Like FriXion, but my doubts are gone now - this is a great pen.

To begin with, the FriXion Point, like all FriXion pens, is erasable, using the heat generated through friction to "erase" the ink.  Unfortunately, the FriXion Point still has the "eraser" on the end of the pen so that it is covered by the cap when the pen is in use.  This problem has been fixed by the Color-Pencil-Like version, but is not a major issue for me since I really don't use the eraser that often.  The eraser of the FriXion Point seems to erase even more cleanly than those of the other FriXion pens, perhaps because the Point's finer tip lays down less ink.

One reason why I prefer the FriXion Point to the other FriXion pens I've tried is the fact that it is 0.4mm, while the others are 0.7mm.  Since I have very small handwriting, I usually prefer 0.5mm or less for my pens.  The FriXion Point also has a needle-point tip, which I love, and despite the small tip size, still manages to write very smoothly, although probably not as smooth as a 0.38mm Uni-ball Signo DX (one of the smoothest fine-tipped pens I have used).

Just as with the FriXion Ball, the ink colour of the FriXion Point appears slightly greyish, which some people may not like.  I like it though, perhaps because it is just a bit different.  The barrel of the pen has a simple yet appealing design, and I found the grip to be very comfortable.

Overall, the Pilot FriXion Point is a great pen, one that I can easily see becoming one of my new favourites.  If you don't like fine-tipped pens, then you may be better off with the Ball or Color-Pencil-Like versions, but if you do, then the FriXion Point may be an excellent choice.


  1. I have found the ink in this pen to be too washed out, and in combination with a tip that is scratchy, I do not use the one I have. The c-p-l has the brighter colors and feels better in my hand. Personal opinion of course, but for an erasable fine point, you can't do much better.

  2. Thanks for the comment, Classicist. As I said in the post, I kind of like the ink colour of this pen and the tip doesn't feel too scratchy to me, but, hey, everyone's tastes in pens are different. Perhaps the ideal FriXion doesn't yet exist....


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