Friday, February 4, 2011

PooPooPaper Notebook

PooPooPaper is an unusual kind of "recycled" paper made out of, yes, elephant poo.  As the back of the notebook helpfully explains, the digestive system of elephants does not break down the grass they eat very well, so their poo contains a lot of fibre and can be used to make paper.  While my notebook uses paper made of elephant poo, the PooPooPaper website also lists paper products made from cow, horse, and panda poo.  Products include notebooks, stationery, and other items.

The cover of this notebook lets everyone know you're using paper made of poo!
The paper itself is a creamy, off-white colour with bits of plant material clearly visible.  If it were not labelled as such, I would never have guessed that this paper is made of poo.

Does that look like poo to you?
The front of each page is quite smooth, while the back is fairly rough.  (Although the photo below makes the two sides of the page appear to be different colours, they are in fact the same colour; the difference is merely due to the different ways in which they reflect light.)  Although it is certainly has a different feel to it, PooPooPaper is not displeasing to write on.  None of my pens bled through, and showthrough was nearly non-existent.  Nearly all pens showed some (but not much) feathering, especially on the rougher side of the page.  The weight of the paper is not given, but it feels substantial.

Writing samples on the back (left) and front (right) of the PooPooPaper pages (click to enlarge).
The notebook itself feels very sturdy and well-designed.  It has a strong, double-coil binding and covers made of thick cardboard with rounded corners.  The front cover is proudly emblazoned with the words "PooPooPaper" while the back provides some information about the paper, claiming that it is a sustainable alternative to paper made from wood pulp.  (Note that while my notebook is spiral-bound, a number of styles and cover designs appear to be available on PooPooPaper's website.)

"We take the 'oo' out of poo!"
I am particularly struck by the shape of this notebook, which is almost square (17cm x 20cm), something that I find oddly pleasing.  Overall, this PooPooPaper notebook feels well-built and well-designed.  Personally, I do not see myself using it as a notebook for writing in, but I do think it would make an excellent future art journal.  I look forward to trying out different media in it, such as watercolours and pencil crayons.

The back of the page with the writing sample.  A slight shadow is visible, but nothing more.
Recommended for anyone who is interested in environmentally-friendly notebooks, or who just wants to try something that is a bit unusual.

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  1. Wow! That is really cool! :D

  2. While making all kinds of jokes and puns about the origin of this paper, I can't help but think that the appearance is rather appealing. Thanks for the review!

  3. But the question everyone wants to ask is does it stink? Sorry, couldn't help myself. Otherwise, it's a very interesting concept and something that I had no idea existed.

  4. Not to worry, Peninkcillin, this paper is completely odour-free!

    And I agree, JoniB, it is a surprisingly appealing notebook. I'm glad you enjoyed the review.

  5. Well, I have to hand it to them for the innovative design, and I am glad you were willing to acquire one for this review. In terms of trying to be eco-conscious, I think this certainly qualifies.

    Thanks for doing this review - it informative and rather amusing.

  6. I have one, and no, it does not stink :) Got it from Colombo, Sri Lanka, where elephants are all over the place. Good way to recycle!

  7. Well why not? They used to tan leather with dog poo.

  8. i have been around that stuff before. No smelly stuff! I like the heavy weight structure and the rough feel of its surface. It just begs to be handled! ANd thanks for the reminder. Hadn't thought about it in quite a while.

  9. Really cool stuff, never heard of it before...thanks.Hugs, Amy


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