Thursday, April 21, 2011

Papermate Gel 0.7mm

The Papermate Gel is a fairly decent basic retractable gel pen, but there's nothing about it that is getting me particularly excited.

Neatly attired in black and white
To begin with, the barrel is simple in design, with a functional grip and altogether ordinary clip.  The bold black and white colour scheme does not particularly appeal to me.  I feel that it gives the pen something of a cheap look, but of course your preferences may be different.  The plunger mechanism is also completely functional, but again, completely ordinary as well.

But how does it write?
As for writing quality, the Papermate Gel performs fairly well, writing smoothly, but not shockingly so.  The ink may dry a bit slowly, but probably no slower than that of similar pens.  It reminds me very much of both the Zebra Sarasa and the Pilot G-2, although it feels slightly finer than both of those pens.  It is a bit smoother than the G-2 but not quite as smooth as the Sarasa.  The Zebra Sarasa is the best of the 0.7mm, retractable gel ink pens that I have used, and I can't think of any reason why someone would choose the Papermate Gel over that pen unless something about the design of the Papermate particularly appealed to them.

The business end
Overall, the Papermate Gel is a decent, functional, and basic retractable gel pen that you couldn't go wrong with.  Unfortunately, it is missing that extra something that would make it a pen I would want to buy again.

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  1. I'm a PM gel fan. I got the set of four basic colors simply for the purple one. I didn't have high expectations for these inexpensive pens but I was happily surprised by their great performance - smooth writing, dark saturated inks, no skipping or blobbing.

    The grip section fits perfectly in my hand with no annoying ridges or bumps. I don't unconsciously twirl the pen in my fingers trying to find a comfortable position. That's a death knell for a pen. And the purple ink isn't twee purple. It is dark enough for business use.

    I agree there is no wow factor in the appearance. There is nothing there to catch the eye; nothing to make the pens memorable. I've got lots of sexy looking pens that don't write worth a flip. I can look at them while writing with my Papermate!

  2. Thanks for the comment, Speck! Now I feel like seeking out the purple version to try it out; black isn't too exciting of a colour to begin with, so maybe I'd be more impressed with this pen if I tried some of the other colours. And I could use another purple pen...

  3. This was the pen that got me back to doing more handwriting. I started taking some notes, liked the way it wrote, and spent several hours at work without touching the computer.


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