Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Banditapple Carnet Notebook

The Banditapple Carnet is a simple notebook with a classy, understated appearance.  The notebooks come in 3 sizes: Peewee (9x14cm), Handy (11x21cm), and Tablet (13x21cm).  They are available in either plain or ruled, and in either black or red covers.  Mine is the ruled Peewee with a black cover, and I received it in a giveaway from Julie (O-kami) at Whatever (thanks, Julie!).  I urge you to check out her review if you want more information about these excellent notebooks.

Banditapple Carnet posing with Papermate Gel.
The Banditapple Carnet has a non-glossy cover made of sturdy cardstock with absolutely no markings on it anywhere, good if you prefer your notebooks to have more of a minimalist appearance.  Keep in mind, however, that the cover is not weather-resistant and would probably not stand up well to a great deal of wear and tear - despite its portable size, this might be a notebook that is better left at home or kept protected.  The corners are rounded for comfort when holding in your hand.

One thing that I really love about this notebook is that it is stitched rather than stapled, and the stitches are clearly visible on both the spine and in the centre of the pages.  I always appreciate being able to see the binding of a book in this way.  The pages lay flat when open, but due to the nature of the binding, this book will probably always need to be held open by hand, and will never lay completely flat when closed either.

Check out that stitching.
My Peewee Carnet contains 64 pages of 80g paper that is slightly off-white (my photos make the paper look more ivory than it really is).  The black lines are 6mm apart, with a 14mm margin at the top and a 9mm margin at the bottom.  The ruling is a bit wide for my handwriting, and I would have preferred a slightly more unobtrusive colour than black for the lines, but overall the ruling is fairly typical for this sort of notebook.  If you have larger handwriting, then you shouldn't have a problem with it.

Blank pages - ready to be written on.
The paper is slightly rough to the touch, and is great to write on.  Wetter, wider-nibbed pens may be a better choice for this paper; my fine-point gel pens felt rather scratchy while writing on it.  Drying times are fast, and no pen I tested showed any bleedthrough on this paper.  There was some slight showthrough, but it was scarcely noticeable.  Even the Sharpie marker didn't bleed through that badly.

Writing sample.  For some reason the front and back of the page appear to be slightly different colours in the photo.  This is not actually the case.
Overall, the Banditapple Carnet notebook is a great basic notebook.  If you're looking for a notebook with a simple appearance and nothing too fancy, and that also works well for all of your pens, then the Banditapple Carnet may be the answer.

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