Thursday, September 22, 2011

Zebra Surari 0.7mm Violet

The Zebra Surari is another super-smooth ballpoint similar to the Uni-ball Jetstream and the Pentel Vicuna.  Unlike the Vicuna, the Surari does not suffer from the ink globbing syndrome, which definitely puts it ahead of the Vicuna and in serious competition with the more well-known Jetstream.

The Zebra Surari writes very smoothly for a ballpoint, approaching the smoothness of a gel pen.  Given that Zebra also produces the pen I consider to be one of the smoothest gel pens around, the 0.7mm Zebra Sarasa, this is perhaps not that surprising.  The Surari is also a 0.7mm, which I think is what I prefer for a ballpoint.  Ballpoint ink doesn't spread out as much, so a 0.7mm ballpoint is probably comparable to a 0.5mm gel pen.  And ballpoints less than 0.7mm, even ones as smooth as the Surari, can easily become scratchy and annoying.

The violet ink of my Surari is a bit pale for me, and it showed up even paler in the photo of the writing sample.  My camera doesn't do well with violets, so imagine the colours of both the ink and of the pen itself being richer, warmer shades (more violet than purple).  The violet ink was also not ideal for use with the violet lines of the Rhodia pad.  The pale ink really inhibits my enjoyment of this pen, so I definitely want to check out some of the darker colours in the future so that I can appreciate the full Surari experience!

Moving on to the body of the pen, the Zebra Surari is a rather typical retractable ballpoint.  Plunger, clip, and retracting mechanism are all completely typical.  Branding is minimal, limited to some unobtrusive gold paint on the clip that looks as though it will wear off easily over time.  The best feature is the grip, with is firm, long enough to cover all parts of my hand that touch the pen, and slightly tapered towards the end.  It is one of the better grips that I have seen in pens of this type.  Ink colour is indicated by the grip and by the plunger.  Again, colours in the photo appear more blue than they do in real life.

Overall, the Zebra Surari is an excellent choice for a ballpoint pen.  For most everyday writing, I'm still more likely to choose a gel pen, liquid ink pen, or even fountain pen over a ballpoint, but if you're a ballpoint person, then you should check out the Zebra Surari.

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  1. I agree! its a real pale ink. but the pen looks nice and comfortable.


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