Monday, July 23, 2012

Zebra Jimnie Ballpoint

When I was a child, my mom always had one of the pens sitting on her desk.  She still uses them today.  In fact, the only pens that I have ever seen my mom actually buy are Zebra Sarasa gel pens, Zebra Jimnie ballpoint pens (only in red), and, on one (very rare) occasion, a Post-it Flag pen.  Most of the pens she uses are complementary ballpoints from businesses around town and pens that she used to bring home from work.  She's not too fussy about her pens (unlike me).  But I became curious about this pen.  Sure, it's just a ballpoint, but maybe there was something special about it?  Well, I've tested it out and the verdict is now in: There really isn't anything special about the Zebra Jimnie other than my fond family memories.

The Zebra Jimnie writes like an average ballpoint.  I feel like I have to press extra hard on the page in order to get the pen to write.  Since I tend to hold even non-ballpoint pens with a super death grip, this does not make for a particularly comfortable writing experience.  The ink skips quite regularly, and leaves a somewhat streaky line, also typical for ballpoints.  The best part about it is that the ink does not glob.  For this, I can forgive some of the other issues a bit, since ink globbing is one thing that I just can't stand.  (And even certain ballpoints that have received a lot more hype than this one have fallen victim to it.)  Annoyingly, the Jimnie I'm using has a slight rattle to it when I write.  I determined this to be due to the ink cartridge being loose in the barrel by only a fraction of a millimetre, causing the cartridge to rattle slightly every time I start writing.

The Zebra Jimnie appears to be a slightly larger and longer than normal pen, so may possibly be slightly more comfortable to use for people with slightly larger than average hands.  My own hands are long but narrow, so I can't test that.  It's not an unattractive pen.  It's fairly basic, but the barrel is tinted the same colour as the ink, a touch that I appreciate since it seems to be a bit different than usual.  (Most pens seem to have either a clear or a solid-coloured barrel.)  The grip is firm and long enough to actually be useful, and it is also the colour of the ink.  All of this colour makes it obvious to tell just what the colour of the ink is.  I have a few pens that enjoy leaving me guessing what the ink colour is, especially when they're all tangled together in a pen case, so that is also an aspect I appreciate.

Still, the Zebra Jimnie is only an average ballpoint pen.  Judging from writing quality alone, I don't see any reason why you'd want to choose this pen over any other average ballpoint.  Unless, for some strange reason, you absolutely fell in love with the design or you had some other connection to it, I wouldn't suggest you search this one out.  Because of the family associations I have with this pen, I'll always have a fondness for it, but it's not one I'll be using on a regular basis any time soon.

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  1. My absolute favorite pen, wish I could find them online or at least refills.


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