Thursday, March 7, 2013

Old Art Journals Rediscovered: "Number Four"

The title of this journal is a bit of an embarrassment.  I thought, after I finished it, that it was my fourth art journal, so I titled it (unimaginatively), "Number Four."  Unfortunately, it was actually my fifth art journal!  I began this journal in October of 2010 and finished it March of 2011 - nearly two years ago now.  I was surprised to realize when compiling this series of posts that the only visual journals I've kept since then have been a couple of collage-only journals and my sketchbook journal.  This means that it's been nearly two years since I've kept this kind of an art journal - certainly an indication of my changing styles and approaches to my art.

That said, this journal is probably my favourite art journal.  It started life as a simple spiral-bound brown-paper notebook that I bought at my local Michaels and I tried to maintain its somewhat rustic look, with more muted colours and simpler, single-layer pages.  I feel that the pages in this journal really express my personal style and philosophy better than any of my previous journals - as though in this journal, I finally "arrived."  My favourite page spread in this journal is titled "The Way North" and it is part collage, part acrylic paint background.  The design is simple, but as the idea of north and the imagery of mountains have been themes that have occurred repeatedly in my writing (if not so much in my visual art), this page really expresses a lot of who I am.  It's one of my favourite page spreads ever.

What images speak to you?  What ideas do you keep returning to in your written or visual journals?

Other pages from this journal: Grid, Typography, Silhouette; Fearless.


Old Art Journals Rediscovered is a series of posts dedicated to rediscovering the art journals that I have created over the past four years. In each post, I will introduce you to one of my old art journals, and share with you one page spread from that journal - not the page spread that is the prettiest or the fanciest, but the one that speaks most clearly to me today. I hope that by sharing with you the evolution of my own art journals, you will feel inspired to start your own explorations with art.


  1. That's such a lovely cover!

    Today I actually started a visual diary, where I'm trying not to write, but rather draw events that I remember that were significant to me. I actually feel nervous about writing in a journal or diary because I'm always afraid someone will find it and read it and I wouldn't want them to. I think a visual diary will help ease that fear!

    1. Thanks for the comment, Deanna! While I have never been afraid of other people reading my journal, I can understand how that can be a concern for some. I think a visual journal is a good option - you can draw things that symbolize the way you feel without actually putting things into words. Good luck!

  2. A non-artist but inveterate doodler, I've sketched the same caricature with trivial variations over and over the past few months. Sharp, pointy ears, high forehead with furrowing, crazed eyes, etc. Maybe something like the young David McCallum in "The Sixth Finger" episode of Outer Limits, Max Schreck as Count Orlok in Nosferatu, the Talosians in that I-can't-recall Star Trek episode. Lots of hauteur there, and failings aplenty, too.

    I like the caricature. It's fun to draw, and I seem to have some knack for it. That's about all I can say for it. Jack/Ohio

    1. I've sometimes been obsessed with a particular doodle or design for a while as well, going through a phase of drawing it everywhere and then not touching it again for weeks. I used to draw little birds on everything once, and back in high school it was spirals - I drew them in the margins of all of my class notes. And as long as you enjoy doing it, that's the most important part!


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