Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Old Art Journals Rediscovered: Rainbow Collage Journal

This is the second of my collage-only journals that I created a couple of years to use up some of my stash of paper scraps.  The title of this journal is the Rainbow Collage Journal, and although the title is kind of corny, it is also accurate, because each page spread in this journal is dedicated to a different colour.  This journal is the least personal of my journals - in fact, it's probably right at the border between a journal and a scrapbook, as it really is little more than a collection of scraps chosen more for their colours than for anything else and it doesn't really have as much of me in it as in any of my previous journals.

These pages are, obviously, the brown pages, and, while I did say that this journal is less personal, the paper scraps that I choose to hoard do reflect something of who I am.  There are a lot of things that I like on these pages: different animals, botanical patterns, muted colours, stripes, and geometric designs.  Not to mention the colour itself - brown is probably my favourite colour after green.  I probably wouldn't make a journal like this again, but it was a fun journal to create.

What counts as a "journal" for you?  Do you collect paper scraps and ephemera?  What do you do with them when they start to accumulate?


Old Art Journals Rediscovered is a series of posts dedicated to rediscovering the art journals that I have created over the past four years. In each post, I will introduce you to one of my old art journals, and share with you one page spread from that journal - not the page spread that is the prettiest or the fanciest, but the one that speaks most clearly to me today. I hope that by sharing with you the evolution of my own art journals, you will feel inspired to start your own explorations with art.

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