Sunday, December 22, 2013

Ink Review: Private Reserve Shoreline Gold

I have to admit that I wanted to try Private Reserve Shoreline Gold ink partly because of the name.  "Shoreline Gold" makes me think of the colour of beach sands at sunset - a nice image to contemplate in the depths of winter!

Private Reserve Shoreline Gold in Rhodia dotPad.

Fancy aside, Private Reserve Shoreline Gold is a soft warm orange colour (not a bright orange at all, which I like because I prefer more muted colours).  It becomes noticeably darker as it dries, but I feel that for me the colour might still be a bit lighter than I would like, especially with a fine nib.  I suspect that with a broader nib it would be better.  Shoreline Gold is also not a very saturated colour - to me, it seems a bit watery, but it makes up for this with some lovely shading to a deeper earthy orange.

Private Reserve Shoreline Gold in Paperblanks journal with lines from the poem "This Time of Year" by Barbara Crooker.

The flow of this ink is nice - perhaps slightly on the wet side on smoother, less porous papers.  As with most fountain pen inks, you may see some bleedthrough on cheaper papers, but generally I found this ink to be well-behaved, and on better papers (i.e., Rhodia) I had no problems with it.  One of the best parts about it is that it dries relatively quickly - 10 to 15 seconds on Rhodia (and probably faster on more porous papers) - making it the fastest drying ink of the three inks that I have so far used (the other two being Diamine Meadow and Pilot Iroshizuku Kon-Peki).

Scan of the writing sample for a more well-rounded impression of the ink's colour.  The two photos showed the ink looking a bit darker than it really is; this scan shows it looking a bit lighter.  Take the average of the photos and the scan and maybe you'll get something approaching reality.

Overall, I think that Private Reserve Shoreline Gold comes very close for me.  If it was a bit darker (or maybe if I changed my combination of pen, nib, and paper), I think that I could easily love it because I really do like the colour, flow, and fast drying time.  As it is, it's just a bit too pale for me and - while I really want to like it more than I do - I find it a unsatisfying because of that.  However, if the colour appeals to you, then certainly give Shoreline Gold a try - maybe it will be just right with your favourite pen and nib.

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  1. Heather, I've just come across your blog completely by accident and I am in awe. Looking forward to curling up with a hot mug of tea and scrolling through all your previous posts, especially those describing your various journals in the 'Creativity' section.

    It's really inspiring and helping to clarify my mind, with regards to my own relationship to my few journals and how I want to develop their uses. Thank you so much for existing! <3 xxx

  2. I have similar inks comparable to the Shore Line gold. Diamine "Pumpkin", Noodlers "Apache Sunset", and Caran d' Ache "Saffron". I like them all for personal notes. They're part of my "fun" collection of inks. I'm at about 23 & growing...Take care, LeRoy

    1. I like the look of all those orange inks! Apache Sunset in particular looks quite similar to Shoreline Gold.


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