Monday, February 3, 2014

Pencil Review: Sanford Design Drawing 3800 6B

A recent addition to my pencil collection was a pair of Sanford Design 3800 drawing pencils in 6B.  These are the softest pencils I have yet used, and they're going to be strictly for sketching/drawing.  6B is simply too soft for most writing (especially my small, precise handwriting).

Sanford Design drawing pencils are hexagonal, with slightly rounded corners, making them relatively comfortable to hold, and they have a mottled green finish with gold lettering.  The end of the pencil is left unfinished, rather than being topped with a cap or an eraser.  Honestly, it doesn't really make much difference what's on the end of my pencil (I rarely use the erasers), but... I still don't like the look of the rough end.  A smooth painted cap would have been much nicer.

At 6B, this pencil is quite a bit softer and darker than a traditional HB pencil.  It's useful to achieve a lovely variation in darkness from deep to pale grey (see above) when sketching or drawing.  That said, I was expecting a pencil this soft to be a bit darker than this one is, and when I compared my 6B Sanford Design to my 5B Staedtler Mars Lumograph, the Lumograph gave a noticeably darker and smoother line with less effort.

The sketch is of a small bird ornament that sits on a shelf near my desk.

I doubt that I'll be reaching for this pencil very often.  A grade this soft is probably not one that I'll be using regularly, and if I do need to use a 6B pencil, I'd prefer something with lead that is a bit darker.  I don't think these Sanford Design drawing pencils are bad pencils, but I have other drawing pencils that I enjoy using more (the Staedtler Mars Lumograph being an example).  That said, Sanford Design drawing pencils seem to be on average at least half the price of Lumographs, so if you're on a budget, these ones might be the way to go.

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