Monday, April 14, 2014

Monami Handy Highlighter

I never used to use highlighters.  But lately I've realized how useful they can be for organizing information.  I use several highlighters of different colours to break down my handwritten notes into sub-topics, which helps me to write blog posts and other pieces.  The latest addition to my highlighter collection is this Monami Handy Highlighter.  While it's not the most amazing highlighter, I was excited to try it because Monami is a new brand for me.

The Monami Handy Highlighter is what I would call a "marker-style" highlighter (no idea whether anyone else uses this terminology or not, but it makes sense to me) - a highlighter with a thick, chunky body that reminds me of a child's marker.  Maybe not what you want if you're trying to convey a sophisticated, mature appearance, but highlighters like these do stand out well in a crowded pen case or cup.

As always, highlighter inks never photograph well.  Imagine a pink that is brighter, and a bit darker.

The chisel tip is nice and firm.  It's wide enough to cover most lines of text, yet the point creates a line fine enough for underlining or even writing a quick note.  The colour is bright, yet not the fluorescent shade of some highlighters, making it easier on the eyes.  To me, the colour seems a bit darker than that of some highlighters (despite my photos trying to make it look the opposite way), but it is certainly not dark enough to make it hard to read through.

The colour shows up very well on a textbook page, with essentially no show-through to the other side of the page.  It also works well over different pen inks (after letting them dry for approximately 10 minutes).  The 0.7mm gel pen did smear slightly (it almost always does), but I like how the colour of the fountain pen ink still looks good, even through the pink highlighter ink.

Overall, this Monami Handy Highlighter is a fairly decent highlighter, although there's nothing about it (other than the different brand) that makes it stand out to me from any of the other similar highlighters.  I am, however, interested in trying one of Monami's other highlighters, the Essenti Soft, which looks great and which I've read some good reviews of.

Do you use highlighters?  What are your favourite ones?

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