Sunday, May 18, 2014

Shades of Neon

This colour scheme obviously lends itself well to highlighters, but I've tried to include a good representation of other items here as well:

From left to right: mini tape measure, Staples Hype! highlighter (a very tiny highlighter that I found in the nearby schoolyard - it still worked!), Stabilo Boss Original highlighter, Uni Mitsubishi Pure Color-F Double-Sided Sign Pen in Orange, Staedtler Polo 0.5mm mechanical pencil, Sakura Gelly Rolls Moonlight in Fluorescent Yellow and Fluorescent Green, buttons, clips.

Left to right: Monami Handy Highlighter, Sharpie Accent Liquid highlighter (this highlighter is fun because you can see the liquid sloshing around in the barrel), Bic Brite Liner Grip highlighter, two Merangue Hi-Jell gel pens (from the thrift store), buttons.  Bottom: Rhodia Pencil.

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