Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Shades of Rainbow

Left to right: Crayola rainbow pencils (these are old, as I've had them since I was a child); PaperMate InkJoy 100 1.0 mm Green; Zebra #2 0.7 mm mechanical pencils ("Cadoozles" patterns); rainbow novelty pencil; Dong-A Miffy Scented Gel Ink Pen 0.5 mm Lavender Purple; Staedtler Riptide 0.7 mm mechanical pencil; multicoloured Bensia non-sharpening ("pop-a-point") pencil; Stabilo Point 88 0.4 mm Green; Pentel Slicci Gel Pen 0.3 mm Purple; star-shaped Post-it Super Sticky notes; PaperMate Expressions eraser; apple-shaped novelty eraser; green butterfly scissors (these aren't mine; I'm just borrowing them for this post!); binder clip.

Back in 2012 I started a series of photo posts based on colours: shades of green, shades of orange, etc.  I was inspired by Azizah's old "Shades of Tuesday" posts, which I thought looked like a fun way to show off my collections and direct readers to some of my older reviews; since then, I have seen a few other bloggers sharing similar posts.  However, there are only so many colours to choose from, and eventually my series reached its natural conclusion, although I did revive it (with a slightly different focus and photo format) in 2014.  Since I will not be compiling any more of these posts, I thought that it would be fun to gather all of my "shades of" posts together in one place, so here they are:

Shades of Red
Shades of Orange
Shades of Yellow
Shades of Green
Shades of Blue
Shades of Purple and Pink
Shades of Brown
Shades of Grey
Shades of Black (and White)
Shades of White
Shades of Silver and Gold
Shades of Tan
Shades of Neon

Shades of Aqua

Shades of Lime

What colours are your favourites?  Mine are green (the first post "shades of" post I made), brown, and lime.


  1. Seeing the rainbow novelty pencil I suddenly remembered that I had the same one (I still probably have it somewhere), but first I thought it's one of these: http://www.koh-i-noor.cz/en/category/magic-special-coloured-pencils They have multicolored leads, it looks pretty cool on paper and children love them.

    1. My pencil does appear similar to the Koh-I-Noor pencils. It also has a multicoloured lead, but the coloured pattern in the lead is different. My pencil has no name on it (and I found it a local thrift store) so unfortunately I have no idea what it is. It is a fun pencil, though, and I'm sure I would have loved it as a child!

    2. I remember bringing my first of these home from a school trip to paper manufacture in Velké Losiny. I was 7 or 8 :-) If I remember correctly, Koh-i-noor also makes (or made) similarly coloured 2mm leadholder refills.
      I have to show all these photos to my mum. She always growls that I have too many pens.

  2. So beautiful to see all those colors!

  3. Nice collection, just looking the blue picture reminds me to have a new Preppy fountain pen, mine needs a replacement

  4. Very creative! I really like the such pieces of works. Making shades of rainbows using those colorful pens and pencils is an interesting discovery indeed. Good indeed.

  5. Those scissors are completely awesome!


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