Monday, July 27, 2009


Welcome to my new blog, A Penchant for Paper!

This blog is going to be about paper, pens, notebooks, journaling, writing, drawing, painting, bookbinding, origami, paper-making, books, creativity, etc.

I have created this blog as an outlet for my growing obsession with paper, pens, journaling, etc. In December of 2008, I innocently embarked on a new hobby of art journaling, not imagining that a few months later I would be reading any books on journaling and writing I could find, following several pen blogs, and haunting the stationery aisle at my local grocery store.

I'll try to update this blog regularly, at least once a week, but preferably two or three times a week.

In the future: a post on my newest art supplies - a sketchbook, watercolour pencils, and a brush pen - as well as a mention of some of my favourite pens.

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