Thursday, August 6, 2009

My Daily Supplies, Part One

Here is a list of the pens, notebooks, and other supplies that I am currently using daily:
I use this small, portable notebook for jotting down to-do lists, ideas, and other brief notes, as well as for doodling. I use a variety of fine-point gel pens when writing in it, which include:
I find it hard to play favourites with these pens, although I think I can say that I generally prefer the Slicci and the Signo's to the Hi-Tec-C's.

For other writing purposes, I have some other gel and ballpoint pens:
Finally, I also have:
  • Sanford Speederase retractable eraser
  • Sharpie Accent highlighter
  • 2 paper folders that I have decorated with magazine cut-outs and strengthened with packing tape to hold loose papers
Watch for part two of this post coming up in the next few days, where I will discuss the supplies that I use in my journals.

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