Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Essential School Supplies I Would Be Lost Without

  1. A pencil case. I would probably lose or break all of my pens and pencils without a case to put them in. My pencil case has one see-through compartment with pen loops (of course I have way more pens than loops) and a second compartment that I use for miscellaneous items such as a small ruler and a cloth for cleaning my glasses.
  2. Basic pen, pencil, and eraser. I carry many pens around, but these are the ones that I reach for most frequently when I'm at school. At home I use a greater variety. My basic pen is a ballpoint, which is cheap and dependable. I can lend it to other people without worrying about not getting it back and it is good for notes that will probably end up getting recycled anyway in a few years. A pencil is good for tests, calculations, and any other times when you might need to erase and redo your work. I've had my Papermate Ph.D. Multi for years. I has black and red ballpoints and a 0.5mm mechanical pencil. My eraser is a Sanford Speederase.
  3. "Planner." My "planner" is a small ruled notebook. I use it for my to-do list and reminders of appointments, things I need to buy, etc. The current notebook I'm using for this is a recycled Mead Fat Lil' Notebook that already had some notes in it. (This book will get thrown out when it is filled up so I didn't want anything fancy.) Complementing this is a small 2-year monthly calendar.
  4. Plastic folders. I bought 2 of these at Staples ages ago. They are made by Oxford but I know nothing else about them. They consist of five coloured plastic folders that fit into a single translucent white plastic case. I have five classes and these folders are essential in organizing the papers and notes that I need to take to class every day.
  5. Index cards. The only way I can effectively study is with index cards - I write key words on the front and the definitions on the back and use them as flash cards. I usually use the 3"x5" size; I have tried the 4"x6" cards but the smaller size is more portable and more easily held in the hand.

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