Monday, November 16, 2009

Back to the Art Journal, Part 2: Painting the Backgrounds

In my first art journal I used craft acrylics for painting, which were okay since that was all I had, but they had a tendency to remain slightly sticky after drying (especially the metallic colours) and they killed a number of my pens.

So for this art journal I decided to spend the extra money on Golden fluid acrylics.  So far I have a grand total of two different paint colours, but that's okay.  I'll add colours gradually.

First page spread.

Because the paper I used in making the pamphlet journal had two different sides, rough and smooth, the paint behaved slightly differently on the different sides.  I think the rough side looks better than the smooth side, but I'm not too worried about it as the pages are ultimately going to be mostly covered with collage, pen work, and writing anyway.  It is something to keep in mind for future projects however.

Second page spread.

I love the look of the varying colour intensities over the page.  Next step: collage.  Stay tuned!

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