Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Art Journaling, Part 4: Pen Work

If you are just joining us, I was recently inspired to begin keeping a new art journal after watching Teesha Moore's excellent series of videos on art journaling.  If you are interesting in art journals or if you think you might become interested, I highly recommend these videos.  You might also like to check out Teesha's blog.

In previous posts, I made an incredibly simple pamphlet journal, painted a couple of backgrounds, and added a layer of collage items.  In this post, I have gone over the collaged pages with markers and pens, working the collage items into the background and making them part of the overall appearance of the page.

I mainly used the Sakura Permapaque paint markers, which I was very pleased with as they wrote effortlessly over all of the different surfaces (papers of varying degrees of porosity, and painted surfaces).  However, I do have one complaint to make about them - the lids do not post on the back.  They seem as though they are meant to and even fit somewhat loosely.  However, the lid quickly falls off again as soon as I begin using the marker.

I also used a handful of Staples brand mini gel pens.  These pens are very inexpensive so I didn't have to worry about potentially wrecking them (something I have been known to do in art journals) and actually wrote surprisingly well on the different surfaces.  A few other miscellaneous pens probably got in there somewhere as well and I also added some shading with pencil crayons to give the pages depth.

Stay tuned for part 5 of this series, where I add letters and words to the pages.

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  1. i just found your blog---i was looking up penaholics--i love pens and paper reviews that is how i found you. i enjoy what i have seen and it has given me a kick in the pants to get back to journaling

  2. I hope you do get back to journaling, Anon., and that you continue to read and enjoy my blog! :)


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