Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Pentel Slicci Metallic 0.8mm Bronze

Since I love the standard Pentel Slicci gel ink pens, I was eager to try out the metallic version.  I did not really expect to be disappointed with it, and I was not.

I picked up the bronze, and at 0.8mm, the metallic Pentel Slicci writes just as well as, if not better than, its finer-tipped cousins.  Ordinarily I would be turned off by the 0.8mm line width, which is a bit wider than I prefer, but a metallic pen is typically not something that I would think of using for everyday writing.  I think the metallic Pentel Slicci would be excellent for signing greeting cards, scrapbooking, art journaling, creating mandalas, etc.

This pen does write on dark paper as well as on light, as shown in the photograph above, yet does not seem ideal for dark paper.  Although the writing was legible, it did not stand out very well on the dark paper (the photograph actually makes it appear better than it really was).  Of course, the type of paper you use will no doubt influence your results.  I used standard cardstock such is commonly used in scrapbooking.  (The white graph paper is, of course, a Rhodia pad.)

Metallic Slicci (top) and standard Slicci (bottom) compared.

There are some slight differences between this pen and the standard Slicci, mainly in the design of the barrel.  The standard Pentel Slicci has a barrel that is the same colour as the ink, while the metallic Slicci has a clear barrel with rows of silver dots on the top and bottom.  Also, the standard Slicci has a silver-coloured clip, while the metallic Slicci has a clip that is the colour of the ink.  I think that I prefer the standard design, but this is really a very minor issue.

Again, I picked up the bronze version, which I really like.  I wanted something that was different from the gold and silver metallic pens that I already own.  The bronze is a pleasant metallic orange-brown.  The metallic nature of the ink is not an in-your-face sort of metallic, but is a bit more subtle.  Overall, this is an excellent pen for people looking for a good metallic pen or simply for something a bit different.

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