Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Post-it Flag Pen - Black Ballpoint

The Post-it Flag Pen, combining a ballpoint pen with a dispenser for Post-it Flags, could be a very useful item, if you use flags to mark your pages (which I, unfortunately, do not).  It could be particularly useful for students and other people that want to limit the amount of items that they are carrying around.  However, the pen itself is far from ideal.

Although the fat shape of the pen is not uncomfortable to write with, the balance of the pen is not quite right: the pen is too light for its size.  The grip section, although soft and squishy, is too short and the slightly sticky surface attracts dust.  I don't like the purple and black colour scheme, but there may be other options available and, of course, your taste in colours is probably different from mine.

The ballpoint is slightly better than average (with average being the basic Bic ballpoint), but nowhere near the quality of a Uni-ball Jetstream.  It is tolerable if all you want is a basic pen for taking notes with in class (or some similar activity), but is certainly nothing to get excited about.

The body of the pen twists to hide or reveal the flag dispenser.  The construction of this part feels a bit loose: it does not snap neatly into place but still moves around a bit when in either position.

Post-it Flag Pen: flags revealed (top) and hidden (bottom).

Overall, if the idea of having a pen that also dispenses Post-it Flags is exciting to you, then you may like to check this pen out; if not, then don't bother.

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  1. Weird. I have three of these. They are "give away" items from some medical specialty meetings I've put together. You know, they have the company name on them.

    They are handy for special projects and mine don't write too badly. As I prefer either gel pens or fountain pens, these poor pens tend to sit in my desk drawer collecting "desk bunnies."


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