Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Uni-ball Signo DX 0.38mm Green Black

I was looking forward to trying the green black version of the Uni-ball Signo DX, but I was disappointed to find that JetPens only offered it in 0.38mm, and not in 0.28mm, which I had been wanting to try as well.

Despite that issue, this is still an excellent pen, and will likely end up on my list of top five pens in the future.  I don't have much to say about the way this pen writes that I didn't say in my earlier review of the lime green version, other than to say that I have experienced no problems at all - it writes very smoothly, with a delightfully fine line.

I love the colour, which is the perfect shade of deep green, with just enough black in it to make it acceptable in any setting and just enough green in it to make it stand out (the photograph does not do this colour justice).  I have liked all of the combination colours that I have tried (such as blue black and lavender black), but, given that green is my favourite colour, this green black is probably the best yet.

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  1. I just got one of these and agree it's a great color!

  2. I might not be remembering correctly but I recall having problems with green-black and bordeaux-black Signo DX 0.38s feathering and spreading quite a lot compared to all my other Signo DX colors, even on pretty good paper.

  3. I've never heard of that problem before - this green black pen that I have is in no way inferior to the other Signo DX's that I have. I have not experienced any feathering or spreading with this pen. Perhaps I'm just lucky?

  4. Or perhaps I've had bad luck for the last few years. I just stopped by a stationer and tried out a handful of green-black DXs and they all seemed to feather much more than my other colors, like the ink was thinner and more watery. However, I picked up a couple of bordeaux-blacks and one of them was pretty flawless, much different from the majority of them that I tried out before.

    The bad performance of the bordeaux-black stands out to me because I've always liked the color but could never find one that wrote well. They've feathered on Apica and Rhodia and Clairefontaine, while all my other colors (again, save for green-black) were perfectly fine.

    Could be temperature, humidity, age, bad batches...any number of things, I suppose. Those are the only two colors of Signo DX though that I've tried and found such problems with. And I've tried a lot, since Signo DXs are sold as testable singles in almost all bookstores and general stores where I live.

  5. Perhaps those 2 colours are simply more likely to be problematic, or perhaps there was a bad batch of those 2 colours. As you said, there could be many factors.

    I envy you...I wish that these pens were sold in stores where I live - the only way that I can get these pens is by buying them online, which of course makes it a bit difficult to test them out before buying.

  6. Even in my country, South Korea, complains about feathering have been raised. I guess it is why Uni does not export Signo Bordeaux Black and Green Black. Exported Signo pens are named "Signo DX," but as you know, Bordeaux Black and Green Black do not have "DX" in their name. And they are produced only in 0.38. Maybe the fact that they do not have 0.28 or 0.5 version can also be a proof that shows their ink is not flawless.
    I myself have experienced the same problem with Bordeaux Black writing on 100gsm Ciak papers. But I still use it on my Rhodia stapled notepads, because I love its color and think its name is compatible with Rhodia's "French orange" color.

  7. Thanks for the comment, sueheon85. My Green Black Signo is in fact marked with the "DX". Perhaps this is because it came directly from Japan? I love the colour and haven't had any problems with feathering or anything else. Clearly, however, results may vary.


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