Saturday, June 19, 2010

Pentel Energel Needle Tip 0.5mm Blue

Although not a fountain pen, the Pentel Energel is likely to become one of my new favourite pens, with its "liquid gel ink" providing a near perfect balance between the qualities of a liquid ink pen and those of a gel pen.

Unlike other liquid ink pens that I have reviewed here in the past, such as the Pilot Hi-Tecpoint and the Uni-ball Vision, the Energel does not bleed through paper.  I love writing with any pen that has a needle-point tip, as this pen does, and the 0.5mm size is ideal.  (0.4mm or less is not ideal in all situations, since it makes my handwriting so small, and 0.7mm or more is just too wide for me to feel comfortable with and write neatly with.)

The writing experience is effortless and the ink is a deep blue with a slightly greenish tinge compared to other blue pens that I own.  The ink feathers very slightly on some papers, but this is hardly noticeable unless you are exceedingly picky.

The pen itself has a stylish, yet business-like and professional, appearance.  The grooved hard rubber grip is surprisingly comfortable.  Unlike the grips of many pens, it is long and actually covers all parts of my hand that are gripping the pen.  Of course, this may not be true for you depending on the size of your hands (mine are probably about average) and the way in which you hold pens.  One complaint: the barcode is printed directly on the body of the pen.  Again, I much prefer barcodes printed on stickers that can be peeled off.  Oh, well...

Overall, however, the needle-tipped, 0.5mm Pentel Energel is an excellent pen.  Highly recommended.


  1. I love this pen, though I have large writing and use a 0.7 black

  2. Thanks for the comment, Leithing. I haven't tried the 0.7 version yet, probably because I am so in love with the 0.5, but I should try it out here in the future.

  3. I love this pen in the 0.7 deep purple. The uni-ball vison elite is great also (0.7).

    My all time fav which is very difficult to find....
    The Pilot Precision Grip Bold Black. Even though it reads bold it has a thin needle tip (not too thin). It is so perfect for everything. All is good if using this pen!
    Have you tried the stone paper notebook at Walgreens yet? It is made of stones. you either like it or you don't. The paper is like silk. You will never find another paper that feels like this when you write, NEVER! try it! Around $3.00

  4. Thanks for the recommendations, Sandy! The Pilot Precision sounds great with a needle point tip, which I always love in a pen. And that stone paper sounds intriguing as well. I'll add both to my list of things to look out for when shopping.

  5. Oh my - I can't believe I've found someone as passionate about the Energel as I am! My favorite hands down is the 0.5 black needle tip. I'm not as fond of the 0.7 metal tip versions - they just don't feel as smooth to me. And anyway, I prefer a finer tip. I've also used the retractable 0.5 needle tip, both in black and in blue (the barrels are much more 'casual') and I do like them, although they don't seem as bold as the capped version.

    What really bothers me however is the fact that the 0.7 metal tip retractable is offered in many colors, including green and purple, and yet I can't get my 0.5 needle tip in the fun colors.

    Quick question - do you find that the blue and red inks for the 0.5 needle tip does not write as smoothly as the black ink?

    1. Nicole, I have so far only used the 0.5mm needle tip Energel in blue and purple, so I'm not sure if I'll be able to answer your question completely. The blue one (reviewed here) I had no problems with, and it consistently wrote very smoothly. The purple one was a bit problematic at first. Soon after I bought it, it stopped writing as smoothly and it was very difficult to get the ink to flow well. I kept scribbling with it and finally the ink did start flowing smoothly again. Maybe you're experiencing something similar? Try just scribbling a lot with the pens and maybe the ink will flow a bit better.

      Then again, I suppose it might just be something in the consistency of the different colours of ink as well, or maybe just a quality control issue with your particular batch of pens. I haven't used the 0.5mm in black (which is a horrible omission on my part, I know), so I can't really compare the others to it!

      And I agree, Energels definitely need to come in more fun colours! I have found the 0.5mm in purple, but no green yet, sadly. And if you like the 0.5mm, you might also be interested in the 0.35mm Energel Euro ( It might not be quite as smooth as the 0.5 (just because it is a finer tip), but I think it is my favourite Energel!


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