Friday, June 4, 2010

Sakura Gelly Roll Moonlight - Fluorescent Yellow

If you are looking for brilliant, eye-catching colour, then the Sakura Gelly Roll Moonlight may be the pen for you.  I picked up the fluorescent yellow, and am very impressed with how bright the colour is.  It is a fun pen to write with, and I suspect that it would be popular with children.

The yellow ink shows up well on both dark and light paper (athough unfortunately the sample on white paper did not show up in the photograph), which I was not expecting from a pen with such light-coloured ink.  The fluorescent colours apparently will glow under a black light, but I was unable to test this since I do not own a black light. 

The Sakura Gelly Roll Moonlight has a similar design to the standard Gelly Roll, with the exception of a small motif of a crescent moon and star on the clip (in gold) and beside the name "Gelly Roll" in white.  I must mention again that I really dislike how Gelly Rolls have the barcode printed directly on the body of the pen.  In my opinion, this gives the pen a cheap appearance.  I much prefer the barcode on a sticker which can be peeled off, as with the Zebra Sarasa.  I also wish the Gelly Rolls had a more substantial clip; the one they do have feels quite flimsy.

The ink dries slowly, so caution needs to be used so that you do not smear the ink.  This pen does not seem to write as smoothly as the other Gelly Rolls that I have tried: I did experience some skipping while drawing the mandala.  Still, it is acceptable and I am sure that I will enjoy using this pen in my art journal in the future.

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