Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Heinz Jordan Permanent Sketch Book

Heinz Jordan is a Canadian company that produces and imports a range of art supplies.  Around here, their Permanent Sketch Books are a common sight in stationery stores, art supply stores, and my university bookstore.

They are very basic sketch books, with black textured covers and plain white pages.  The sticker peeled easily off the cover, leaving no residue behind.  The paper has some tooth to it; the weight of the paper is not given, but it feels fairly heavy.  The paper is also acid free.  The sketch books are available in a variety of sizes, and in both portrait and landscape orientations.  Mine is the 5"x8" size.

The books are quite thick, which could be good (they last longer) or bad (you could get tired of it before it was finished).  They have a sewn binding and one of the best things about them is that they open very flat:

All pens that I have used in this sketch book work very well, with no bleedthrough or feathering.  Their website says that the paper is "ideal for pen, felt pen, ink, pencil, or charcoal" - though I'm not a big pencil user so I can't comment on that.

Sketches with the Sharpie Pen in the Permanent Sketchbook.

I have used watercolours - mainly watercolour pencils - in this sketchbook.  If only a light wash is applied the paper does not warp too badly.  That's why watercolour pencils are great: I can add all the colour I want and then just blend it together at the end with a light wash of water.

Watercolour pencil mandala in the Permanent Sketchbook.

Finally, another great thing about these sketch books (for me) is that they are made in Canada, are readily found in local stores, and are relatively inexpensive (I can't remember what I paid for this one, but it wasn't too much).  I am always glad to support Canadian companies and local businesses.

Overall, the Heinz Jordan Permanent Sketch Book is a good basic sketch book.  There may be other sketch books with more personality, but this one still gets the job done nicely.


  1. Looks great! Nice it opens flat too.

  2. thanks for sharing about this book, always good to learn of a new sketchbook that someone is happy with!

  3. Wow!! Great review. I'll have to look for these - love your mandala BTW!

  4. Thanks, everyone! Julie, I'm not sure if these are available in stores outside of Canada, but you'd probably be able to find them online somewhere.


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