Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sharpie Pen Grip

The grip version of the Sharpie Pen offers the same great writing experience as that found in the original Sharpie Pen, and, due to its having a nice rubber grip, is much more comfortable to hold in the hand.  The design of the pen is sleek, slick, streamlined, and modern; this is the sort of pen that no one needs to be ashamed to be seen writing with.

Compared to the original Sharpie Pen, the Grip is a bit chunkier, with (of course) a black rubber grip.  This is one of the better grips that I have seen on a pen, as it is long enough that all parts of my hand gripping the pen actually come into contact with the grip (you may have heard me mention this before - short grips really annoy me).  The Sharpie Pen Grip is a bit shorter than the original Sharpie Pen, and, sadly, lacks the wonderful needle-tip of the original.

Sharpie Pen Grip (top) and Sharpie Pen (bottom) compared.

Anyone who has used a Sharpie Pen knows that they write very well, and this version is no exception.  It writes very smoothly, with minimal to no showthrough, bleedthrough, or feathering on most papers.  I meant to include a comparison of the ink colours in my written review but completely forgot: I will say that the original Sharpie Pen ink seems to have a truer black colour, but this may be due to the differing ages of the pens, or to variations in the manufacturing process, and is a very minor, almost unnoticeable detail.

The only real issue I have with the Sharpie Pen Grip is its fairly strong, unpleasant chemical odour.  I assume that this is coming from the rubber grip rather than from the ink as the original Sharpie Pen had no such odour.  This is the only thing that is preventing me from loving this pen completely.

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  1. Definitely agree - the Sharpie with the rubber grip is a pleasure to write with. I wish i could find ones with different inks.


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