Sunday, August 8, 2010

From the Art Journal: Grid + Mandala

This is one of my favourite art journal page spreads that I've made in a while.  I love the contrasts: the squares of the grid and the circle of the mandala, the cool grey background and the warm greens and browns of the mandala and grid, the spare black lettering and the intricate designs of the mandala.

These are the last art journal pages in this notebook, so I probably won't be sharing many more pages with you for a while.  I am getting a bit tired of these multilayered, painted and collaged pages.  I want to work more in my sketchbook journal, practicing my sketching and drawing skills.

What about you?  Do you keep an art journal or sketchbook journal?  What art projects are you currently working on?


  1. I've not done visual art very much but still feel like I need to explore that aspect. So at 53 years old I'm beginning to "doodle" - being fascinated with mandalas but not good at drawing them, I've adapted them to "handalas" and work with the outline of my hand. Baby steps.

  2. Thanks, Joni. Great to hear that you are beginning to explore art. I love drawing mandalas - I don't consider myself to be very good at drawing either, but one of the great things about mandalas is that you don't have to be good at it to draw them. I should try a few "handalas" - they sound fun.

  3. Yes, I definitely have an art journal. I'm not an artist, but it's fun.

  4. I always hesitate to call myself an actual artist as well, but I agree with you, Julie, it certainly is fun to keep an art journal!

  5. I think I'm a lot like Joni. I've never considered myself much of a visual artist. I have experimented and it's usually enough to scare me away for awhile. However, I do cut out things in magazines that are of interest and tape them into my notebook or journal. I also take photos and print them and cut them down to size to include in my notebook. I envy the artists among us and it's great that Joni wants to explore that.

    On another note, I read your post the other day about the Quo Vadis Habana notebook. You have convinced me to give one of the Quo Vadis notebooks a try. I love kicking the tires on new journals and such!

  6. Thanks for the comment, Mike. I enjoy cutting things out of magazines as well - it can be a quite relaxing activity. Although I've never really thought of myself as an artist either, I've often surprised myself with the things that I have created. So, keep experimenting, and maybe one day you'll surprise yourself too.

    And I'm glad to hear that you're trying out the Habana notebooks. I think they're great notebooks and I hope you're not disappointed with yours.


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