Friday, September 10, 2010

A Small Book of Art

The title of this book is Whimsies, which is appropriate, as it is different from my usual style and is fairly, well, whimsical. I made the book itself well over a year ago in April of 2009 from scrap papers, following the instructions in Gwen Diehn's The Decorated Journal for her "Six-Minute Double-Pamphlet Journal." (If you own the book, there are actually two versions of the double-pamphlet journal. I don't have the book with me right now, so I can't tell you which one I made.)

I used the book for a while for drawings, doodles, and the odd journal entry, but I never really enjoyed working in it, so it sat on a shelf for over a year until this summer, when I was inspired to turn it into this crazy book of art. I used just about everything I had on the pages: collage, paint, many different pens, paint markers, pencil crayons. I even used dimensional fabric paint on a few pages, although that turned out to be a mistake as it caused the pages to stick together. I finished the pages with some of my favourite quotes.

This is not an art journal, because it contains no journal entries and I worked on all of the pages at once rather than page by page, as I would have done in a journal. Rather, it was just a fun project that gave new life to an earlier project that did not turn out so well. This is the first time I have used paint on top of collage; I really enjoyed doing it and I like the effects, so I will probably do that again in future projects and journals.

On a related note, I want to start another art journal. I became rather dissatisfied and even bored with my last art journal, mainly because the format of the book just wasn't working for me. When I finished it, I didn't think that I would want to start another one for quite a while, but, surprisingly, I do. My next one will be spiral-bound, I think, and will preferably have larger pages. Another problem with my last art journal is that I was turning working in it into a chore; I was forcing myself to work in it everyday, even if I didn't really feel like it, just so I could finish the thing. Once something becomes a chore, it is not as fun anymore.

But I'm eager to begin my next art journal, so hopefully I'll find an appropriate blank book soon to create it in. Stay tuned!

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