Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Stabilo Bionic Worker 0.5mm Black

The Stabilo Bionic Worker caught my eye at the store recently and, especially since I think I have only ever used one Stabilo pen in the past, I was curious to see how it wrote.  I have been using it for the last couple of weeks and have not been disappointed.  This is a great pen, although it is not without its flaws.

The Stabilo Bionic Worker writes very smoothly, although the ink is rather slow to dry.  I have not noticed any bleedthrough with this pen on any papers yet.  It is available in blue, red, and green, as well as black.  The pen is described as 0.5mm; however, after comparing it with several other pens, I think it appears to be much closer to 0.7mm or even larger.  For my small writing, the Stabilo Bionic is too bold to ever become a favourite, but if you have larger writing or just like bolder-tipped pens, it could be an excellent choice.

Speaking of bold, the orange and black design of this pen makes it easily stand out in your pencil case.  And it also makes the Stabilo Bionic Worker a natural companion to Rhodia pads and notebooks:

The body of the pen is made of a rubbery material and it has a contoured shape: it starts out relatively narrow, gets wide in the middle, narrows again, and widens again at the end of the grip.  It is reasonably comfortable to write with: not uncomfortable, but not the best I have ever used either.  The rubbery body shows a slight tendency to attract dirt; I have noticed a few faint greyish smudges that I had to rub at to get off, but I am being very picky here.

Overall, the Stabilo Bionic Worker is a very nice pen, that is enjoyable to write with, and has an attractive design (although the design and bold colouring may not appeal to everyone or be suitable in all situations).

I haven't written many pen reviews lately, for various reasons: my pencils cases are too full already, I have been busy with classes, and, unless you're The Pen Addict, endless pen reviews can get a bit boring.  I don't have many more items (pens or otherwise) lined up for review, so if there are any items that you would like to see me review, or if you have any other suggestions for future posts, please leave a comment and let me know.

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  1. I think it terrible. It leaks all in the cap. I bought three of them and I regret it.

    1. Yikes, that sounds awful! Mine didn't leak, thankfully. It wasn't too bad, but the ink didn't last very long.


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