Wednesday, December 22, 2010

From the Art Journal: Fearless

"The Way North." Acrylic paints, pearlizing medium, Pitt Artist Pen, collage.

I haven't been working in my art journal as much lately, but that doesn't bother me.  I admire those people who manage to create a new journal page every day or every other day (or even every week) and who also manage to blog about it every day as well, but I have accepted that I am probably not going to be one of them.

I made these two pages a couple of weeks ago and have done little in my art journal since then.  The first of the pages, "The Way North", is one of my all-time favourites.  Because I mixed the paint with pearlizing medium to give it some extra texture and gleam, it was hard to photograph.  In the photo it looks much shinier than it is in real life.  I had originally intended to add some more writing in the blank space, but then realized that I didn't need to - I was happy with it as it was.

"Fearless."  Pitt Artist Pens, Lyra Rembrandt Aquarell watercolour pencils, acrylic paints, gel pens.

The second page, "Fearless", was a bit challenging because the mandala overlapped the spiral binding.  I also used watercolour pencils over top of acrylic paints, something I hadn't done before, but everything turned out in the end.  The mandala itself is a bit more bold in colour and design than I usually do - I think I had Stephanie's mandalas from Spiritual Evolution of the Bean in mind when I was working on these pages.

I'm thinking of doing something a bit different in the future for these art journal posts: perhaps a series of posts that go step-by-step through the creation of a page, or perhaps a series of journaling prompts.  Though since I've never found journaling prompts all that useful myself I'm not that sure about the second of those ideas.  What do you think?  Do you enjoy just being shown the pages or would like to see something more?


  1. Wonderful work! Esp. the Way North! Keep it up.

  2. Ooohhhh, process junkie here! I would love to see creative process posts.

    In addition to the what and how, I'd also love to know the *why* of each of the steps. Why did you draw that there? Why did you use that color? What was your vision when you first attacked the blank page? What was your inspiration? Did your original vision morph into something else along the way?

    That's the Good Stuff, and the part of the creative process that is rarely blogged in depth by anyone.

    If you wrote about all that, you would be combining art and journaling. Most Excellent!

  3. That sounds like a great idea, Speck. Although sometimes even I am not sure why I make certain choices while journaling, I think I might give it a try.... Perhaps not until 2011 though - stay tuned!

  4. nice work! art journal... sounds like something fun and challenging.. :)

  5. This is good stuff. Thanks for the posting!

  6. And thanks to you too, Dear Carissmi and Economy Pens!

  7. I'm looking at the mandala and thinking, "Fabulous!" and then keep reading..... Much thanks for the mention. <3 Enjoy the holidays!

  8. Your mandalas are constantly inspiring to me; thanks so much for them and for commenting here!


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