Monday, December 20, 2010

Knock Knock Nifty Notes Paper E-mail

This is not the sort of item that I usually purchase or review here, but when I saw a pile of these "Nifty Notes" on the discount table at my university bookstore, I couldn't resist picking one up.

The Paper E-mail is just one of a series of humorous paper pads, sticky notes, and related items produced by Knock Knock.  They are the kind of items that, I suspect, you buy as gifts for friends, co-workers, and people you want to annoy.

I find the Paper E-mail rather amusing, especially the blurb on the back of it, which claims: "This Nifty Note...revives a revolutionary form of communiciation: handwriting.  Soon even bloggers will be wielding a pen!"  I use a pen in some way for nearly every post here at A Penchant for Paper - I didn't know that made me a revolutionary!

With an item like this, the quality of the paper is probably not going to be major issue for most people, but I was pleasantly surprised when I tried out a handful of pens, none of which showed any bleedthrough at all.  The pages tore off cleanly from the pad, and the pad seems, as a whole, to be well-designed and well-made.

Now I just need to begin using these paper e-mails to annoy my friends and family....

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