Thursday, December 30, 2010

Top 10 of 2010

The following products are my favourite products that I used in 2010.  Not only are they products that I love using, they are also products that I use regularly.  Don't be offended if your favourite pen or notebook isn't on the list; these are just my personal favourites.

1. Quo Vadis Habana notebook (small, unlined)

This notebook has been my daily journal ever since January 1 of this year, and there are still enough pages left in it to take me well into 2011.  I love its portable size, understated appearance, flexible yet sturdy cover, and smooth, off-white pages.

2. Pentel EnerGel 0.5mm (needlepoint)

If I could only use one pen, it might be this one.  It is probably the smoothest-writing pen I have ever used, and it had bright, vibrant ink colours, a comfortable grip, and a stylish barrel design.  And I love the needlepoint tip.

3. Pentel Slicci 0.3mm

This is my favourite fine-point gel pen, and the main pen I use for writing in my daily journal.  I love its needlepoint tip, small size, and colourful body.  And of course I love how it writes: very smoothly, with a beautifully fine, crisp line.

My mother made these pen cases for me this summer and I've been using them ever since.  One stays at home, while the other comes with me to class.  I love how they lay all of my pens out for easy perusal, and keep my pens in order.  I've received many comments about my pen case from classmates and instructors, and one person I know even made his own after seeing mine!

As well as being excellent gel pens, these pens are also erasable, which is a convenience I appreciate more every time I try a different version.  The FriXion Point is my current favourite.

The Platinum Preppy, my first fountain pen, will no doubt always have a special place in my pencil case.  I still feel a little rush of excitement every time I pull the cap off and start writing with it.  I haven't yet decided what my next fountain pen will be, but I am looking forward to continuing my collection.

This is a beautiful, well-designed notebook with sturdy pages and a smooth orange cover.  Its unlined pages encourage me to draw and doodle on the pages as well as write on them.  I use it for reflective journal entries and mandala drawings; there are still many pages left so I'm sure I'll be using this notebook throughout 2011 as well.

The Sharpie Pen is a good, dependable, basic pen.  And it lasts a long time - I originally reviewed the Sharpie Pen here in September 2009, and I'm still using the same pens today.  The original Sharpie Pen is still my favourite; I tried the Grip version, but its ink ran out in only a few months and it lacks the needlepoint tip of the original.  (Did I mention that I have a thing for needlepoint tips?)

If you've been reading my blog for a while, you're probably seen this paper pad here, since I have been using it for my pen reviews since October 2009.  It's a great, small pad ideal for keeping in your shirt pocket or any other small area.

This is not a pen I use for everyday writing, but it is the pen I use most often in my art journal.  I love it because it writes smoothly on just about every surface I've tried it on, even though the white ink is not always quite as opaque as I would wish.


  1. The needlepoint Energels are amazing, I completely agree.

  2. darn it, Heather, I was thinking about your post when I was in the bookstore the other day, and remembered "yeah, those .4 Sliccis, those are pretty nice pens". Despite having three of them at home I bought another two. I love their colors, and they're so smooth for such a fine tip.

    If you like the white Sakura Gelly Roll, I'll bet you'll like the Uniball Signo even better, it has a more opaque line that goes over acrylic (and other things) much more smoothly.

  3. I love white gel pens - I've been wanting to try the white Uni-ball Signo for ages now, but never seem to get around to it. I definitely plan to add one to my next JetPens order!

  4. Great list, love the pen case, may make one myself


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