Tuesday, March 22, 2011

New Posts and Reviews Coming Soon!

Doesn't it annoy you when a blogger, who formerly posted fairly regularly, suddenly, for no apparent reason, disappears, and weeks if not months creep by with no new posts from her?  It always annoys me, which is why I feel very bad about my own lack of posts here lately.  Part of the reason was due to my very busy semester at university, but part of it, I'm afraid, was just due to procrastination.  Still, I hope you have not all abandoned me yet!

I have a backlog of new pens to review, so I need to start posting more regularly again.  I mean it this time.

Here's what you can look forward to in the next few weeks:
Is there anything that you would like to see here?  Any questions?  Comments?  And feel free to leave me a friendly reminder if these promised new posts don't start appearing soon....


  1. Looking forward to seeing some pages of your art journal! Even though I don't art journal myself, I find looking at those who do (their art journals) very interesting.

  2. No need to feel guilty about lack of posting. Sometimes life just gets in the way (as I eyeball my three dusty blogs). I'm always happy to read your posts on any topic you choose. Everything is good. :)

  3. Thanks, Shaynie and Speck! Your comments make me feel a bit less guilty!

  4. Whenever you're ready--we'll be waiting!

  5. Unfortunately, the beginning of your post describes me perfectly at the moment, except I'm a "him."

  6. Try not to worry about it too much, Note Booker. I know that I can easily waste time worrying about my lack of posts rather than actually writing them. Good luck, and hopefully we'll both get back to blogging again more frequently soon!


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