Saturday, May 21, 2011

Art Journal Prompts, Part 1

These journal prompts are inspired by the pages of my very first art journal, which I named my Art and Poetry Journal and which I kept from December 8, 2008 to April 28, 2009.

#1: Paint over pages you don't like.

Sometimes, pages just don't turn out.  If so, let them sit for a few days or weeks and them paint over them.  That's what I did with these pages, which began life as rather gaudy and ugly collage pages.  Painting over parts of the background with a translucent layer of paint helped to unify the pages and emphasize certain elements, such as the star on the left page and the flower on the right page.  Keeping the paint translucent allowed my earlier work to remain visible, but fade into the background.

#2: Cover up your words, or do things in reverse order to how you usually do them.

We get used to doing things in certain ways in our journals and this can sometimes prevent us from moving forward.  For example, I typically fill a page with images and patterns and then fit my writing into the spaces.  On these pages, I did the opposite, filling the pages with words in a pale ink colour and then painting the much bolder circles on top, permanently hiding the words beneath.  It can feel wrong to purposely cover up your words in this way, but remember - there are no rules to art journaling.

#3: Pair a busy page filled with images with one that contains only writing.

The two pages of a page spread don't have to match.  I love contrasts.  Pair busy and plain, writing and images, painting and collage, dark and light, bright and muted, etc.  In this page spread, I paired a busy page of collage (including a hand-drawn mandala) with a page with a painted background on which I wrote a poem.

#4: Keep it simple.

Complex, multi-layered journal pages seem to be the fashion among many journalers, but, sometimes, simple pages are what we need.  These pages contain nothing more than a simple spiral mandala and a few lines of a poem.  The uniformity of the colours and the way the silver writing fades into the background add to the effect.  Simple pages like these are soothing and relaxing.


If you find any of these journal prompts useful, let me know, and if you blog about a page that you create using one of these prompts, feel free to share the link in the comments.  I would also appreciate a link back.

Happy journaling!

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  1. Thanks for these ideas and prompts and for sharing your lovely journal pages.


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