Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Pentel EnerGel RT 0.7mm Red

I have reviewed a Pentel EnerGel before - the 0.5 mm, non-retractable, needlepoint version.  This version is a 0.7 mm, retractable, conical-tip rollerball.  Although similar to the 0.5 mm EnerGel, the 0.7 mm has its unique qualities as well.

To begin with, the Pentel EnerGel RT 0.7 mm writes very smoothly - I mean, seriously, this thing is smooth.  While many pens are described as "gliding across the page," the 0.7 mm EnerGel actually does.  And if you usually hold your pens with a death grip (as I do), then this pen might encourage you to lighten up.

The ink quality of the 0.7 mm EnerGel is very similar to that of the 0.5 mm, although the 0.7 mm version is a bit more prone to bleeding through thin, poorer-quality papers, probably because it lays down more ink than the 0.5 mm.  On Rhodia paper, there is some slight showthrough (and perhaps the tiniest bit of bleedthrough where I held the pen down at the beginning of a letter), and feathering is minimal on all papers.  The red ink is a very brilliant, deep colour - this is a seriously red ink, without a hint of orange or blue.

Unlike the 0.5 mm EnerGel I reviewed, this version is retractable.  The plunger seems to require a bit more force to push down than that of other retractable pens I have used, and the retracting mechanism makes a slight scratchy sound, but otherwise works fine.  This RT version also has a wider barrel than that of the non-retractable version, making it better for those who prefer fat pens.  The grooved rubber grip is identical to that of the non-retractable version, and is reasonably comfortable, but nothing special.  The metal clip is a different shape on the RT, and is sturdy but not flexible.

Pentel EnerGel RT 0.7 mm (top) compared with Pentel EnerGel 0.5 mm (bottom).

The Pentel EnerGel RT has a silver body with a coloured grip and accents, giving it a sleek, stream-lined appearance.  I have always found the appearance of the EnerGel pens rather attractive, and this 0.7 mm RT version is no exception.

While I enjoyed writing with this pen, the 0.5 mm needlepoint remains my favourite version of the EnerGel (and one of my favourite supplies of 2010); 0.5 mm is more suited to my handwriting, and I always love needlepoint tips.  However, if you have larger handwriting, or just want a smooth-writing retractable pen, then you should check out the Pentel EnerGel RT 0.7 mm.

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  1. I love the Pentel EnerGel Pens. They write really well and the purple, blue, and red are great colors!

  2. I absolutely love these pens - I use the .5 needle tip for forms at work, and managed to find some .5 refills (ordered from Hong Kong) that fit the .7 bodies, so once I finish off the refills the pens came with, it's back to my favourite needle tip size. However, if my coworkers keep going the way they are, I'm going to have to find some more red refills to use for corrections, because I'm using my red one up too fast! :)


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