Thursday, August 18, 2011

Notebook Pockets - Do You Use Them?

It seems like every other notebook I own these days has one of those oh-so-handy pockets on the inside back cover.  At least, I assume they're handy, since I have never found much use for them.  In fact, on a few occasions I have even "lost" papers that I had thoughtfully put away in the pocket of a notebook for (supposedly) safe-keeping, only to forget where they were.  Still, notebook pockets do seem like such a useful thing; I would certainly like to use mine, yet I have no idea what for.

Do you use pockets in notebooks?  What do you put in your notebook pockets?  Or do you find notebook pockets simply to be useless additions to otherwise excellent notebooks?


  1. Right now I'm using a notebook that doesn't have pockets, and I tend to stuff loose pages/papers (usually taken from my Rhodia dot pad with perforations) between the pages and hope they stay there, so I figure when I complete this notebook and move on to one with a pocket, I'll use it.

    That said, it certainly doesn't mean I won't forget the papers are there, since they won't be falling out regularly when I open the notebook! :D

  2. I use the pockets in my journals for odds and ends of things like ticket stubs, receipts, notes from friends, 3x5 cards on which I've scribbled ideas--memories, really, to enhance what I've written in the pages.

  3. A few business cards. I never seem to have one around when I need them.

  4. I don't use a Moleskine anymore, since I started using fountain pens almost all the time. When I did use them, I did use the pocket. My moleskines were daily journals and I stick all sorts of things in my journals, movie stubs, sometimes receipts for something fun/interesting, notes my daughter wrote to me. When my journals had pockets, I often stuck those things in the back. Now I just tape them onto pages.

  5. Most of my notebooks don't have pockets and I've never missed them.

    I do use the clear pockets in my Hand*Book visual journal/sketchbook/scrapbook. I keep bits of stuff I want to paste in the book, but wait until it is complete before I do so. It's too hard to write or draw around all those resulting lumps.

    I draw an outline of the bit where I want it to go on the page, then date the back of the bit to know what page it goes on. Pasting in all the bits is part of the "Out with the old, in with the new" journal transition ritual.

  6. Oh yes, I use them! They are essential! I put in stamps, business cards, little things I want to keep with the notebook that would otherwise fall out.

  7. It's funny that you're asking, because I had that thought today, how I sometimes even preferred one notebook because it had a pocket -- which I then never ever used.

    I think those pockets shall only give the FEELING you COULD store something in there safely. And that's it.

  8. I use mine. I stuff it with things that I pick up here and there. I'm currently using a large QV Habana and here is a list of what I have in the pocket:
    >A gift tag from a Christmas present (make that 2)
    >2 Scribbler drawings I like from a fellow blogger
    >A printed Zentangle I liked
    >A map of the UC Davis campus from a trip there
    >A printout of the Basic Tools section from The Artist's Way
    >A flyer for my neighbor's house, which is for sale
    >A business card from the Gunrock Pub on the UC Davis campus
    >the test stamp from my chop
    >a note from my sweetie
    >a 6" ruler
    >a stamp
    >the Think Offline entry form from Rhodia and Notemaker
    >a handwriting contest entry for FPN

    Wow - a lot more stuff than I would have guessed

  9. I love notebook pockets and use them all the time:)

  10. I definitely use them with travel journals, to put bits and pieces, things like receipts. But day-to-day use, I rarely use them. However, on occasion I have used them to put newspaper clipping, or some quotes, or some random papers I wanted to keep.

  11. Didn't moleskine first add those pockets? I thought I heard that. Maybe if they held a pen haha. But then again, that's why I bought my Quiver pen holder, which definately work for all sized moleskine notebooks.

  12. Wow, there certainly seems to be a great variety in the things that people keep in their notebook pockets, although I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one who is a bit puzzled by them! Who knows, perhaps one day I'll be using them as well. Until then, I agree with Julie Paradise's comment: that pockets "give the FEELING you COULD store something in there safely."

    (And sorry if I took a while to get some of these comments moderated. I was away for a couple of nights and scheduled this post to be published in my absence. All comments should be published now.)

  13. I am exactly like you, I put things in those pockets and forget about them!

  14. I use the pocket on my Rhodia pocket web notebook for quotes...

    I use the notebook for general note taking and there are always thought provoking quotes on the inside page of the church bulletin at the church I attend, so I read through everything I want to read... and then I tear out the quote section and slip it in the pocket!

  15. Notebook pockets - do I use them: For me ... it's more like I feel I should use them because they are there. It kind of irks me that I don't use them much except when I force myself to, but then, it also irks me that they are there and make me feel as though I should use them. Also, I would rather not have so many clones of Moleskine notebooks with the pockets, and elastic bands. Moleskine clones ... stop, go back to the drawing board and come up with something more creative, not just something you think will sell because it's a copy of something else.

  16. Actually I ams using it, but only in one of them. Most of the times are pieces of paper or the ticket bus. Sometimes my own businness card and the ones I get at the meetings.

  17. I am using my first notebook with pockets. It's a Roger La Borde A6 with concertina pockets. I didn't think I would use them, but the note paper is like a to do list tear-off, so when I don't want to lose something I've written, I put it in there. Also, I have lists in there of things to buy (this is ONE of the books I carry around every day) so I can put receipts in it if important. Also, cards or flyers that I pick up in town.

    Definitely an odd addition, but I think I'd miss it now.


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