Thursday, August 4, 2011

Stamps & Ephemera from Letters & Journals

I'd like to share this lovely gift that I recently received in a newsletter-only giveaway from Jackie at Letters & Journals.  Not only does Jackie hold a monthly giveaway of stationery items on her blog (the August giveaway is on now, so head on over and put your name in!), but she also sends out a monthly newsletter in which she offers additional giveaways for newsletter subscribers.  Her blog and newsletter contain excellent posts and articles on stationery, journaling, mail art, and more, so they're well worth subscribing to even without the giveaways!

The item I received is a collection of used stamps and other assorted ephemera, from an old library card to old post cards, business cards, scraps from magazines, and theatre tickets.  The stamps are, I think, my favourite.  My parents used to collect stamps and still have a box full of stamps hidden away in their basement somewhere.  I think that I may have caught a bit of the stamp-collecting bug, since I love looking at stamps and I was thrilled to get these.  The used stamps are more interesting to me, since then I can wonder about the envelope that they were originally on, and what that envelope contained, and how many people have handled them before they came to me.  I'm sure these stamps could tell many tales of their journeys.

I also appreciate the plastic pouch from that the ephemera and stamps came in.  I've been looking for something like this to hold small paper items for collage, so I'm sure I'll be able to use it again.  Thanks very much, Jackie, if you're reading this!

Do you collect old stamps or other ephemera?  If so, what do you with them?  Do you put them in albums and store them away, or do you use them in art?  I'll probably eventually end up using much of this ephemera in collage of some form, but I haven't been keeping an art journal lately, so I'm not yet sure what exactly I'll do with it.  I'd love to hear any of your ideas!  What would you do with this collection of stamps and ephemera?


  1. Thanks for sharing this information! So glad you liked the package you won! Until I started packaging the ephemera, I didn't realize how much I had! I will be doing more of those contests.


  2. I get inexpensive, unfinished wooden boxes, mirrors or whatever strikes me from the craft store and decoupage them with paper snippets of all kinds. I have a collection of my Grandmothers old letters, post cards etc. ~ those I photo copy, I'd never use the real ones... My most recent adventures found me using old bottles as a surface to glue to, and also a wooden cabinet someone gave me. I also use copies of my own art work...
    I love old ledgers pages and finding other peoples old letters etc. at the antique/used stuff stores...
    Oh, and hello by the way, I like your pages! :)

  3. Thanks, Melody! I'm glad you stopped by, and I definitely agree with you: old letters are fascinating.

  4. I love your pics! (and your page! I am a fellow pen lover as well!!) hehehehe.... seeing your bits of ephemera make me want to dig in my stash and see exactly what I have left. Its been awhile since I used them. I like your page and will be stalking~ lol

  5. Thanks, Katie! I've always loved collecting ephemera - even if I don't use it for anything! Stay tuned and keep stalking, because I might have ephemera coming up again in a new post!


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