Saturday, September 24, 2011

Pentel School Essentials Pack

I recently received this Pentel School Essentials Pack from a giveaway at Tiger Pens Blog.  The pack contains the basic writing supplies that a student would need for heading back to school, although it would probably be best suited to students at the high school or university level.  As I also recently headed back (reluctantly) to university for my final semester, this was a timely and cheering gift to receive.

The Pentel School Essentials Pack contains (left to right in the photo below):
The clear plastic case that everything comes in is also intended to be used as a pencil case.  It might not hold up that well to a lot of abuse, and I think that most students would probably want to transfer the contents over into their regular pencil case.

As you can see, this pack does contain all the basics, and there aren't really any major items that seem to be missing. A set of extra pencil leads would have been a nice touch, as well as a red pen for correcting and editing, but I really have no complaints with the contents.

I'll probably be reviewing some of these items individually in the coming weeks, so stay tuned!

And if you're interested, the Pentel School Essentials Pack is still available for sale from Tiger Pens.


  1. ooh lucky! I've never tried that Pentel Fluorescent Marker or seen that School Essentials Kit. I am a huge huge fan of the energels though

  2. I love energels specially colored collection


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