Tuesday, September 6, 2011

September Carnival of Pen, Pencil, and Paper

Here it is!  Welcome to the September Carnival of Pen, Pencil, and Paper, and the first ever carnival at A Penchant for Paper!  Are you excited?  Then let's get into this month's selection of great posts on pens, pencils, paper, and more!

Editor's Picks
Julie (O-kami) mixes up some green inks in her review of Platinum Mix Free Ink at Whatever.
TonyB takes a look a great new pen that may give the Pilot G-2 some serious competition in Pen Review: Pentel EnerGel-X at Tiger Pens Blog.
Brian reviews yet another excellent notebook from Rhodia - the Rhodia Unlimited Notebook with Soft Touch Cover - at OfficeSupplyGeek.

Economy Pens presents a mixed review of the Uni Pin 01 - .24mm Black at Economy Pens.
lady dandelion checks out a new pen in lalex 1938 forme - a quick peek at a shiny, pearly bargain at lady dandelion.
Peaceable Writer presents a very informative post in A Bit About Platinum and Nakaya at Peaceable Writer.

Economy Pens takes a look at some Daycraft Notebooks at Economy Pens.
We have two reviews of BookJournals - handmade journals made from old books that are both unique and reasonably priced.  Julie (O-kami) presents BookJournals at Whatever, while JoniB presents BookJournals by Ex Libris Anonymous: A Review at Daydreamers Welcome.
Millie presents Product review: Monsieur notebook - a review of an attractive leather notebook with a whimsical touch - at Planet Millie.

Art Supplies
Alberto shares one of his latest sketching pencils which was manufactured half a century ago in Blast from the past: EagleTurquoise 3375 Drawing Lead Holder posted at Lung Sketching Scrolls.

Need to sharpen your pencil?  Check out the Kum Scribble and Kum Tip Top Pencil Sharpeners reviewed at Economy Pens.
If you're planning for 2012 already, check out Cheryl's look at Dual-Purpose Planners With Room For Notes at Writer's Bloc Blog.
If you're looking for a more unusual journal, you may want to try a bulking dummy (a mockup that gets made before a book is printed).  Sandra Strait won one and she discusses using it as a journal in Bulking Dummy Journal Page 1 & 2 at lifeimitatesdoodles.
Even if you don't think it's for you, you may want to give art journaling a try anyway.  Sophie_vf did, in Doing what I don't usually do, and kind of liking it at For love and idleness.

That's it!  Thanks for visiting the carnival, and stay tuned for the October edition coming up next month!

If you want more information about the carnival or if you're interested in becoming a future host, visit the carnival's page at Notebook Stories or the carnival home page.  Go here to submit a post to a future edition of the carnival.


  1. Thanks for a great carnival, Heather! What fun!

  2. Thanks for hosting, Heather. For folks who liked the KUM review by Economy Pens, there's Baumgartens, a wholesaler that sells high-quality pencil sharpeners in no-name blister packs and open-stock bulk containers. I bought a half-dozen M + R all-metal sharpeners for maybe US$1.80 ea. at my local university bookstore, and a handful of KUM sharpeners w/shavings canister, maybe US$4.00 ea., from an unlabeled display bowl at an off-campus store. Jack/Youngstown (Ohio)

  3. Excellent carnival. Thanks for including me :)

  4. Fantastic reading for a Friday afternoon! Thank you for including my article.

  5. Good show, Heather! Great hosting.


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