Monday, January 16, 2012

Pen Storage: How Do You Store Your Pens?

Do you store your pens in a cup, a case, a bag, a pouch, a drawer, a desk, a cupboard, a box, or a bin?  Do you organize them by type, by brand, by colour, or do you even bother to organize them at all?  Do you keep them out where you can admire them, or do you hide them away to keep them safe from errant pen thieves?  Just how do you store your pens?

A pair of homemade pen rolls.
I store most of my pens in these two cases.  These pen cases are great because they lay all of my pens out for me to see, and they keep my pens in order.  For some reason, I am absurdly fussy about keeping my pens in a particular order in the case.  Don't ask.  In the photo below, the top case contains what I consider my "everyday writing" pens - Pentel EnerGels, Sharpie Pens, Zebra Sarasas, ballpoints, etc.  The bottom case holds my super-fine-tipped gel pens (Uni-ball Signo DX, Pilot Hi-Tec-C, etc.), of which there sadly are not very many at the moment, as well as a few other odd items.

Most of the rest of my pens find a home in my other voluminous case (shown in the photos below).  This case holds pens that I consider my "art and craft" pens (and other items): Sakura Gelly Rolls, Staples mini gel pens (okay if you're looking for super-cheap gel pens, but I wouldn't recommend them generally), a Sakura Pigma Brush pen, a pair of fine paintbrushes, a pencil sharpener, and sets of paint markers, watercolour pencils, Pitt artist pens, and Staedtler triplus fineliner pens.

Of course, there are always a few pens that don't end up in any of these places.  Some linger in the top drawer of my desk.  A handful typically sit loose on the top of my desk.  These are usually the ones that I don't really like, so I suppose I am secretly hoping that someone will see them there and take them away.

So, now that you've had the chance to check out my pen storage, how do you store your pens (or not)?  Have you come up with any innovative ideas for managing your collection?  Or do you just stick to the traditional pen cups and pen cases?


  1. I have a pen cabinet

  2. I have a huge wooden case with drawers I ordered in the fall of 2011 from a sportsmen's supply site that I holds my fountain pens and most of my ink bottles. The rest of my pens are in various cups, jars, drawers, and plastic bins...sorted by types and use. Love seeing other people's pen collections. :)

  3. Being a pen collector (includes pencil, markers etc), I actually have one big container for all of them. Most of the pens I bought are still on their boxes, that is why I need to place them on such bigger boxes.

  4. I have two pencil cases (one leather Pierre Belvedere and one Staedtler zipper case) as well as a coffee mug on my desk full of pens that I don't like as much. I try to keep my obsession as minimalist as possible. Of course you need 20 Fineliners and many GTEC C4s (my favourites).

  5. My wood-cased and cheapie disposable mechanical pencils are in various pencil cups, Mason jars, coffee mugs, etc. My fountain pens are in a cigar box fitted with an accordion-folded, three-ply index card insert. (I just glued 3 5" X 8" index cards together, then folded. It works.) Better quality mechanical pencils, some fountain pens, erasers, sharpeners, and what-not are in a tray from an artist's easel I reclaimed from the trash.


  6. I have a pen cabinet for the old expensive pens, but I use a nerdpack (plastic pocket sleeve) on my desk for my EDC fountan pens (Pelikan Future and Lamy Safari Italic in 8 colors). I just read to store them point down, and they are much easier to start.

  7. Sounds like an interesting variety of pen storage options here! Pen cabinets appear to be a popular choice for more expensive fountain pens, and I will certainly look into them if I ever get more into fountain pens than I have so far. Thanks for all the comments, everyone!

  8. On my desk at work I use a 6 pen display stand almost like you would see in a retail store for my 6 colors of Bic-Markets I use for project management tasks. My remaining EDC's reside in a pencil cup at my desk then I have the aforementioned machinists toolchest lined with felt for my better writers.

  9. I store my Zig, fine-tip Sharpies, Staedtler, and other felt-tip pens horizontally in 4 plastic containers with lids, sorted by color. One is for my red and pink. One is for blue. One is for green. And the last one is for orange, purple, brown, black, yellow, and any other miscellaneous ones (UniBall Signo (.05 or .07 tip, which I love), etc.). Occasionally I'll grab a few from each container and put them in a zippered cloth bag to take with me if I'm going somewhere and know that I'll need some. I figure it's best to store them horizontally, so the ink doesn't pool at one end. It was fun to read what other people do with their pens.

    1. Thanks for the comment, Crystal! I love the idea of sorting pens by colour. I store most of my pens horizontally as well, but I've found that most ballpoints don't seem to really care whether they're horizontal or vertical, and some gel pens that are typically slow to start writing can be helped by storing them with the tip down.


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