Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Papier Mâché Eggs for Easter

Here's an idea for all you crafters out there: find some cardboard eggs at a craft store (styrofoam would probably work as well, but I haven't used that), mix some white glue with water, cut narrow strips of coloured paper, dip them in the glue mixture, and apply to the eggs.  Finish off with a simple basket, and the result will be colourful decorations for Easter, or for any other spring celebrations that you may honour.

I found a bag of cardboard eggs at a thrift shop many years ago, but never used them (I was always saving them for that special project, you know) until now.  Thinner papers will probably be best for this; I started out using some scrapbooking paper on an egg but it was too thick and almost impossible to get to stick on smoothly, so I finished off the other eggs with origami paper, which is thin and comes in a multitude of colours and designs.  Narrower strips and smaller pieces are also easier to work with, since larger pieces of paper are more likely to wrinkle.  I used one colour of paper for each egg, but you could mix things up and make patchwork eggs, or add some painted designs after applying the papier mâché, or do whatever else you can think of.  I hadn't done any papier mâché in years, so this was a fun and easy project to do; it would likely also be a great project to do with kids.  Let me know how your eggs turn out!


And another note: As you've probably noticed, A Penchant for Paper has recently received a makeover and is currently sporting a new, and somewhat more minimalist, look.  I'm really loving the new look, but I don't know how it looks on anyone else's computer or browser, so do let me know if you have any issues with it (or if you have any other comments about anything else whatsoever).  Leave me a comment here, or send me an email.

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