Friday, July 6, 2012

ICAD Week 5: Expect the Unexpected

Index cards 29-35 from week 5 of Daisy Yellow's Index-Card-a-Day Challenge 2012.
Week 5 of ICAD saw me getting back into the habit of creating index cards daily (after missing a couple days and having to catch up in the previous week).  In index card 2 above, the butterfly on the left is cut out from a piece of stationery; the butterfly on the right is my drawing of the same.  I think I actually like my drawing better than the original!  The background in card 3 is acrylic paints; the mandala is drawn with a Faber-Castell Pitt brush pen, coloured with watercolour pencils, and highlights added with a white Uni-ball Signo Broad gel pen.

I'm not sure where the carnival in card 4 came from!  But it started when I drew the triangles on the top and thought, "Hmm, these kind of look like tents for a carnival or circus."  So then I drew the other tents and the Ferris wheel on the bottom and coloured them in with watercolour pencils and gel pens.  It ended up being a rather fun card and one of my favourites so far.  And yet another example of how unexpected things can happen when you're creating art!

The sun mandala on card 5 was created on a dull, grey, cold, rainy day when I was longing for summer to return.  I didn't really like the rainbow mandala on card 6 when I first created it, but I'm warming up to it now - although the photograph made the browns look like the purples and the greens look duller than they really are.  Finally, my sketch of a pot of flowers on our deck on card 7 is probably my favourite of the week.  I really love doing sketches like this and having my sketch actually look like the thing that I am sketching!  I think I want to do more of these sketches in the following weeks.

That's all for now!  There are less than 4 weeks of ICAD left to go, so things will soon start wrapping up.  Thanks again for your comments on my past ICAD posts, and remember that it's still not too late to give ICAD a try yourself.  Just check out Daisy Yellow's ICAD FAQ if you need more information.

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  1. Great cards, Heather! I like hearing the stories behind their creation as well. Your carnival is fun, and I really love the second one from the bottom.

  2. Great cards, Our children are having so much fun with this.

  3. These cards are great! Your sun mandala makes me long for spring, though we did have some sun today (even if it was freezing) and a storm is coming apparently so I won't complain!!

  4. These are great! I really like mandalas, so of course love those cards...but the tents on the carnival card are so cool, too!

  5. these turned out so well, love the watercolor and pen combination, and your use of color! and hey, we can all use a summer carnival!


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