Friday, July 20, 2012

ICAD Week 7: Blues + Greens (with a touch of orange)

Index cards 43-49 from week 7 of Daisy Yellow's Index-Card-a-Day Challenge 2012.
Blues, greens, and blue-greens seemed to be the theme for this week's set of cards - with the exception of the very first card of this week, which was decidedly orange and yellow!  ICAD is beginning to wind down in earnest now - less than 2 weeks remain - and in this week's cards I was exploring some of my favourite themes and things to draw: mandalas, nature sketches, and, of course, the colour green.

The mandala on the first card is not my usual style of drawing mandalas, but I rather like it.  It's quirky and asymmetrical and bold, drawn with a brush pen and coloured with watercolour pencils on an acrylic paint background.  The mandala on the second card, however, is much more like what my mandalas usually are like: lots of fine details and symmetry, drawn with fine-tipped Staedtler Triplus Fineliner pens.  The mandala on the fifth card is similar, but I got the inspiration to draw this one from when I was flipping through my sketchbook, looking at some mandalas that I had drawn a couple years ago.  The words on it are "Beyond Intergalactic" because I thought it had a bit of a science fiction-y feel to it, and, for some odd reason, it reminded me of a book I recently read, A Fire Upon the Deep by Vernor Vinge.  I recommend that book, by the way, if you enjoy science fiction!

The watercolour sketch in the third card is of the scene from our front window.  None of the trees, houses, or hills are quite in the right position, but I think it still looks a bit like the real thing!  I'm not quite sure what the leaves and the boxes in the fourth card are about, but they were fun to draw, and they gave the card somewhat of a three-dimensional look, don't you think?  The sunflower in the sixth card is growing in our yard beside the bird feeder, and I actually think that's one of the best drawings I've ever done.  The bird feeder looks a bit warped, but that sunflower looks exactly like I've drawn it.  I'm impressed with myself.

Finally, the seventh card is most complex one of the set.  The background is acrylic paints, applied with a toothpick and smeared around.  The spirals were painted on with a brush, and then I cut and punched the circles out of the card.  I glued coloured paper onto the back of the card to fill in the holes and used black and white gel pens and paint markers to finish it off.  The finished card looks like it should have some occult symbolism behind it, but I don't think it does.  I'm saving the cutouts to use in my next index card - but you'll have to wait for next week's set of cards to see that one!

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  1. I love that you are drawing different types of mandalas. For me, sometimes the asymmetrical designs are more challenging than the symmetrical designs! Intergalactic Beyond has a cool depth and funky feel. Great set!

  2. The second mandala is really great. I keep telling myself that I should get started on ICAD - seems like a semi-easy way to create something simple (or complicated) every day (maybe I'll start by creating weekly).

    1. Do give ICAD a try, Christine! I have had so much fun with it, I would recommend it to everyone! It has been easier than I thought it would be to create an index card every day, and it is such a great way to build a habit of creating art regularly.

  3. I like your 3rd and 4th cards especially! You have a great variety in your cards, which I think is the great fun of the ICAD challenge.

  4. I loved how you were able to make your mandalas fit on such a small index card. I cannot work small with I am a bit more inspired to try again. You have a talent for detail! Excellent work!

  5. I love these!! It is funny, I usually word Very Small but lately have been bursting past the gates!!! Anyhow, ICAD2 has shown me a way to start small and grow something or take something "larger" and hone in on the wee details. I am starting to think I must look into mandalas more. They keep popping up on the periphery of EVERYthing!! Same with labyrinths.


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