Friday, July 27, 2012

ICAD Week 8: Staying the Course

Index cards 50-56 from week 8 of Daisy Yellow's Index-Card-a-Day Challenge 2012.
So the final full week of ICAD 2012 has drawn to a close.  I'm feeling sad that it is nearly over, proud that I have managed to create an index card for every day, relieved that it will soon be finished, and excited about the creative projects I'll start next.  This week was a bit of a difficult one for me, partly because I had some family issues this week that made it harder for me to find the time and focus to work on an index card every day.  Still, I did manage to create a card every day, and it was certainly very relaxing and enjoyable to settle down at the end of a stressful day with an index card, a handful of pens, and my trusty watercolour pencils.

Cards 1 and 3 of this week incorporate the cutouts from the final card of last week, although it may be hard to pick out the cutouts in the photos above, particularly in the first card.  The first card also used some leftover paint from last week's card, and was finished off with some watercolours on top of acrylics and a white paint marker, but I'm not too sure about the result.  I'm a bit happier with the third card, but I think it's the bold words that really tie it together and make it work.

The second card is a quick sketch of a cosmos flower growing in our garden.  The petals turned out a bit narrow, but overall I think it's not too bad.  The horde of daisies in the fourth card started when I was using up some acrylic paint left over from a separate painting project.  I dabbed on the yellow paint with my fingertip and stroked on some of the green with my paintbrush.  I thought the yellow circles looked a bit like the centres of daisies, so I drew in the petals and then added some final colour with my watercolour pencils.  Overall, it was a rather fun card.  The mandala on the fifth card was inspired by a mandala that I drew last week, and was coloured with watercolour pencils and gel pens.  I made the sixth card fairly quickly, by simply gluing down the butterfly and strips of paper.  It's not one of my favourites, but I like the butterfly.  Finally, the last card is a quick sketch I did of the lamp on my desk and the bookcases in the library on a day when I was feeling too tired to go outside to find something to sketch.

Only 5 days remain of ICAD 2012.  I'll be posting a wrap-up ICAD post with my final cards and final thoughts on July 31, so please stay tuned and check back for that!  I also have some great new posts planned for August, including a review of my new Lamy Safari fountain pen and my very first pencil review, so I hope to see you all then!

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  1. Love the 5th one! I love drawing mandalas. Great cards.


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